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 Tyson Nightage

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PostSubject: Tyson Nightage   Tyson Nightage Icon_minitimeTue Apr 27, 2010 8:00 am

Name:Tyson Nightage (Night Age)





Sexual Orientation:Straight

Physical Description:When he is in his elven form he is about 6'3" tall and, unlike most elves, he cuts his hair short and instead of being blonde it is a mixture of black and (in direct sunlight) can be mistaken for dark blue. He is dark tan with the signature pointed ears but not as pointed as normal elves. He has a lean and muscular athletic build with sapphire blue eyes that turn to black whenever he is mad. When in his half form his hair and eyes stay the same but he gets huge black wings with blue tips on the thumbs and a jet black tail, he grows curved silver horns on his head and his canine teeth grow to an inch long. Eye color stays the same but the iris turns into a slit, making it dragon eyes. He grows to about 6'10". Ears stay pointed while his nails turn into black claws (if you've seen underworld evolution think of Michael with his claws)He usually wears cargo pants or baggy jeans and a tight shirt that forms around his muscles or a muscle tank top. Around his neck he wears a silver chain that has a pentacle around it. Around his wrists he wears silver chain bracelets and black fingerless gloves cover his hands so that when his claws come out he doesn't claw up his palms. In his full dragon form he is a 14' tall black dragon with ocean blue eyes and silver horns, his claws are also a shining silver and his fangs are as white as ivory. He has a scar that reaches from his left shoulder around to his lower chest on the left side. Across his chest is the symbol of a dragon and the cresent moon.

Tyson Nightage 1421_tk01pczen_2953_0002
Tyson Nightage Black_Dragon_by_BenWootten

Follower-A Black water dragon (Jaggerjack is Tyson's gaurdian from birth) He is a massive 19ft tall with a wingspan of 40ft from tip to tip. His eyes are crystal blue and he has black spikes that run along his back. He is a very protective dragon when it comes to Tyson and Crysel (even though most of the time Crysel does the protecting) Everywhere Tyson goes he goes, he rarely ever leaves his side. Whenever he needs it he can summon up a jet black and sapphire blue sword that only he can wield. -Crysel is a big blue and silver water/ice dragon. She is almost as big as Jaggerjack by 2ft and her wingspan is only 36ft. Her scales are a mixture of blues while her eyes are silver as well as her claws. On the tip of her tail is a blade like claw. She has looked after Tyson ever since his mom died.

Tyson Nightage Dragon_black

Tyson Nightage SilverDragon

Personality:He is very quiet and mysterious at first if you don't know him. Even when you get to know him he talks but not much, whenever he does talk everyone listens. He is very protective to the point of being overprotective of the ones he loves, he loves to listen to music and play his flute whenever it is quiet.If anyone insults him he shakes it off like it was nothing because he could care less what anyone thinks about him, but when someone insults anyone he loves it will be the last thing they ever do. He likes to sit back and relax but also is very active and loves to play almost anything as long as involves contact (example he wouldn't play golf) He loves spending his time by the lake and just sitting there, thinking or otherwise swimming.(Total water boy 'laughs')

History:His father had left him before he was born, leaving his mother to raise him all on her own. His mother being a dragon and father an elve. He grew up in a small town for some of his life until the towns people accused him and his mother of theivery for stealing cows and sheep when really it was a different creature. Running into the woods they built a house there to stay safe away from the villagers with Jaggerjack and his mothers dragon Crysel (Chris-sell). His mother soon died from sickness and he's been alone with his gaurdian and Crysel ever since, switching from town home to forest home.He is very gifted in dragon magic but not so well in the elven arts due to his father leaving him. He is also skilled in combat of many types and can defend himself even in elven form (his weakest form)

Roleplay: A place to call home
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PostSubject: Re: Tyson Nightage   Tyson Nightage Icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 6:23 am

...wow...nice big sister!!!!
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Tyson Nightage
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