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 "War... War never changes."

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Stuck to the Wall
Stuck to the Wall

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PostSubject: "War... War never changes."   Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:26 am

**Warning!! this is an unrestricted Rp there will be Graphic content such as Gore Violence Language Drug use and Some Sexual Content.**

"War... War never changes."

Its been a long time since the war.. but its left us
scorched and scared, this world we once called earth isnt what it used
to be. This is the world of Fallout.. were once nearly 50 years ago..
the usa went to war with china. but this war had no winners for the
whole of the world suffered... in those times during the war when all
was still unchanged aside from the ever present push for nuclear
technology. people still wastes anything and everything.. took
everything for granted and thought they could treat the world as they
wanted.. some made a profit by selling spaces in underground VAULTS,
selling to any one with a chunck of change who was afraid enough to
spend everything they had. and there were others who didnt think
anything of the war there were some who thought the war would end the
world...but they were wrong... the war didnt end the world...no it only
changed the world and how we live in it. now people dont waste and
people dont share.... this life is a hard one and every one wants what
you have. people just recently started coming out for the VAULTS..only
about a year ago did the first open.. but when it opened they expected
to find a clean human free world..one that they could rebuild and
remold as they saw fit...oh how they were wrong yet again. they came
out to find that the world was no different the evil sill existed just
in a new, reborn way.

YOU will be one of the people
coming forth unto the new world making a future of your choosing...
living and dying as you see fit killing and controlling sharing and
stealing.. but your not the only ones here in this world there are many
others willing to kill you for the shoe strings you might possess so be
warned there are raiders and mutated monsters and beasts.. ghouls and
guns... there are only 101 VAULTS YOU will be from the 101... this is War... War never changes.

the region you live in is Washington DC
here is a map not all locations are listed you can make places up for this is a huge plot of land.
the places listed however are BIG story line areas they may not be changed

Click here to see Map

you may not leave this area..if you try you will suffer horrible radiation and die horribly..
this world you live in is a rough one here are some pics

what is your goal you are asking by now?>

your goal is to change this new world your in if you wish to be good
then try to create a ater purification system, build a town, kill
raders and bandits (create a personaly quest from your history such as
finding were you used to live or somthing) make the world a better
place. if you choose to be evil then make this more of a living hell
inslave people to work in half getto sleet smiths to make amunition to
control the Washing DC area. kill towns make it your person quest to
bring down the world. its your choice. there will be quests posted from
time to time in bigger citys such as rivet city and megaton so check by
every once in a while(the quests will be posted by me so if you wish to
see them i will be the ones posting them)

RULES of this RP

1. there are limited resources so dont god mode it you most often wont
find a perfectly working gun(you can say in your history that your
father was the VAULT engineer and fixed things for people and tough you
how to do some things, thus making you able to repair weapons) you will
also not find hundreds of bullets at most you will find 50 or so and if
you do then your lucky. you wont find a factory with tons of clean
water. be resourceful and make it fun.

2.i dont want to many rules this is a ruleless world... anything can
happen but make it real this is a world of Nuclear Fallout everything
is wrong nothing is plentiful but death decay and destruction make this
a real place were you need to survive. this is unlike any rp you have
done challenge yourself.

3. do not try and leave the region you will be killed by radiation...

4. This rp is strictly 3rd person (i.e Susie walked down to the store) and not narrative whatsoever (i.e I walked down to the store)

Character creation




Trade: (things your character might be good at such as repairing or mending wounds)




Moral standing: (good or bad remember you dont have to be just one your
moral standing can be situational, such as you give a poor man some of
your last water but next time you just kill the man.)

1 item: (something passed down to you to aid you in your quests, family
heirloom and such, could be anything from a ring to a gun, a sword who
knows just dont go overboard there are no super powers you cant control
time or anything like that. make it something you will need for your
trade for selling or for using in day to day things)

Every character will start with a GARDEN OF EDEN CREATION KIT aka the G.E.C.K witch will contain the following items use wisely

1. 6 pack of clean bottled water
2. 3 days worth of MRE's (9 meals)
3. 25 Packets of disposable wipes
4. 1 first aid kit
5. 1 Combat knife with compass, hollow handle containing string, flint, tooth picks, and seasoning salt.
6. Pipboy 3000 (this is worn on your arm and helps with things like storing notes and a full map of locations youve been stuff like that

Role play title: "War... War never changes."

**Please post Profiles in the UnRestricted Profile section. This RP will take place in the UnRestricted RolePlays for its graphic descriptions at times.


Fallout 3 History

That leaves the
unwashed masses, gamers who never delighted in the fruits of
Interplay's Fallout and Fallout 2. Sure, they'll enjoy killing mutants
and barking orders at the in-game dog, but will they really pick up on
the underlying narrative, one built on several hundred years of
fictional history? We honestly cannot say, but our nights are spent
gripped in cold terror for the lot of you. Not really, but it sounds
much more dramatic that way. In any event, every Fallout survivor knows
that it's best to always plan for the worst-case scenario. With that in
mind, we give you this brief look at the alternate history/future of
events leading up to the start of Fallout 3.
2052 to 2076: The Resource Wars, the Building of the Vaults and the Beginning of the End

decades of increased privatization on a global scale and deterioting
relationships between international governments, the Resource Wars
erupt in April 2052. Over the next two-plus decades, skirmishes major
and minor rage as the world's superpowers confront one another. The
feud, which has its roots in the rising prices of the world's oil
supply, quickly flares into a multi-national rush for control of every
available natural resource. Notable events include the collapse of both
the United Nations and the European Commonwealth, the destruction of
Tel Aviv beneath a nuclear conflagration, China's invasion of Alaska
and the United States' annexation of Canada. This period also sees the
more widespread use of biological warfare, which proves to have lasting
consequences. With the world crumbling all around, the United States
government commissions the construction of a series of subterranean
shelters to be built by the Vault-Tec corporation. These "Vaults," as
they are dubbed, are designed to house a maximum of 1,000 individuals;
only 122 are ever built. As we now know the Vaults were in fact a
series of unique social experiments, each subjecting its residents to a
different set of factors. The ultimate goal of these experiments was to
develop plans for re-colonizing the planet in the aftermath of
whichever cataclysmic event required the use of the Vault in the first
October 23, 2077: "The Great War"

After decades of feuding over the world's resources, the breaking point
is finally reached. No one knows who the first one was to press the
button, but in the space of roughly two hours on October 23, 2077,
nuclear arsenals across the world are emptied as nations effectively
destroy one another in a single, collaborative action. The long years
of needless death and destruction in a fight to control Earth's
resources are made futile as society comes crashing down in less time
than it takes to watch the average movie. The survivors refer to this
man-made apocalypse as "The Great War."

2080 to 2160: Humanity Re-emerges

The years immediately following humanity's near-destruction are
unsurprisingly murky. History begins to be written once again in 2080,
when non-Vault survivors begin to emerge from hiding. For many - in
relative terms anyway, considering that a majority of the world's
population was simply wiped out in 2077 - survival is far worse than an
immediate death in the initial explosions would have been. Prolonged
exposure to radiation for humans and lower life forms alike results in
mass mutations, essentially creating a race of post-apocalyptic ghouls.

It isn't until more than a decade after the bombs fall that Vaults
begin to open on the remains of the planet. Some settlements build up
around these emptied shelters, such as Vault City, originally Vault 8.
Other Vault dwellers simply move on, unwilling to continue calling the
shelter of the Vault their home. Some new towns are added to the map as
a result, such as the trading center known as The Hub.

this is primarily a period of rebuilding for the world, it is also not
without its conflict. The quasi-religious faction known as the
Brotherhood of Steel works out some internal differences while The Hub
becomes the center of what would be known as the Great Merchant Wars.
It is also during this time that Richard Grey, the mutant who would
come to be known as The Master, begins to secretly build up his army of
super mutants.2161: The Vault Dweller and the Super Mutant Army

The year 2161 is a pivotal one for two reasons. On the grand scale, a
Brotherhood of Steel squad on patrol makes a shocking discovery when
they find a dead super mutant in the badlands. This event marks
humanity's first glimpse of the impending onslaught. Or it would have,
had a certain hero not risen to the occasion. Speaking of... elsewhere
in the world Vault 13 enters crisis mode when their Water Chip, a
microchip responsible for regulating and cleansing the shelter's water
supply, breaks down. An individual known only as the Vault Dweller -
our aforementioned hero - is sent off into the badlands, tasked with
finding a replacement chip. Surprisingly, this seemingly minor quest
turns out to have far-reaching consequences when the Vault Dweller is
unwittingly swept into the path of the Master's overarching plans. The
Vault Dweller's initial foray into the world beyond Vault 13 refers to
the early events of the original Fallout.
2162: The Vault Dweller's Exile

The Vault Dweller's quest ends with a greater success than anyone could
have suspected. Upon obtaining the sought-after Water Chip in
Necropolis, he learns that Richard Grey - now "The Master" - has been
using a pre-war bioweapon to breed an army of super mutants. It is
shortly after this that Grey's super mutants decimate Necropolis, a
city built by the twisted residents of the only Vault that didn't close
throughout the Great War or the years that followed. Upon learning of
The Master's plans, the Vault Dweller sets off to stop the threat at
its source. His efforts are monumentally successful: before the year is
even half over, he has killed The Master and reduced the facility where
the super mutants are created to a pile of rubble. Though he is
declared a hero upon returning to Vault 13, the Vault Dweller is
immediately sent into exile as a result of the changes wrought upon him
by his travels through the world. The homeless hero travels north,
where he finds the village of Arroyo and starts a family. These events
mark the close of Fallout.
2241: The Chosen One and the Quest for a GECK

As Earth continues to recover, residents in the Pacific Northwest
section of the United States suffer through their worst dry season in
post-war memory. The Chosen One, son of Arroyo's Village Elder (and of
the Vault Dweller's daughter), is sent out to locate a Garden of Eden
Creation Kit, or GECK. These suitcase-sized items are said to contain
all of the building blocks necessary for creating a sustainable
community in the post-apocalyptic world. These mark the early events of
Fallout 2.

2242: The Fall of the Enclave

The Chosen One's journey brings him to his grandfather's former home of
Vault 13, which is believed to contain two GECKs. He arrives to find it
almost completely deserted. As it turns out, the Enclave - a warrior
faction containing the remnants of the United States government -
kidnapped Vault 13's inhabitants shortly before the Chosen One's
arrival, spiriting them away to their base of operations aboard an
offshore oil rig. A similar fate befalls the town of Arroyo, which the
Chosen One learns when he returns from his journey. Enraged over the
loss of the two communities, the Chosen One makes his way to the
Enclave's oil rig. It is there that he learns of the Vaults' true
purpose as social experiments. The sealed Vault 13 inhabitants made
them ideal subjects for the Enclave's own experiments with the same
virus The Master used to create his super mutants. The Chosen One takes
definitive action upon learning of this: he destroys the oil rig and
Enclave leader President Dick Richardson along with it. In making his
escape, the Chosen One also rescues the survivors of the Vault 13 and
Arroyo raids. These events mark the close of Fallout 2.
2277: The Unknown Future

the country and 25 years after the fall of the Enclave, Vault 101
cracks open its doors for the first time since the bombs fell. Being
that the Vault's original purpose as a social experiment was to never
open for any reason, this is a noteworthy event. The reason for the
change in plans is Vault 101 Dweller, an inhabitant whose father has
mysteriously disappeared. No one knows how his father left or why, but
the shock of the loss is enough to send Vault 101 Dweller into the wide
open world waiting just beyond his sealed front doors.

this is the main story line of this rp lol XD for the sake of the rp im
going to go ahead and go with the dates so no one has seen the outside
world. it has been 200 years since the last time any one has seen the
outside world.

Last edited by Valkeryie on Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:44 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Head Alpha
Head Alpha

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PostSubject: Re: "War... War never changes."   Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:23 am

I'll JOIN!!!!

+Escape From it All+

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Kate Arveskov
Immortal Co-Admin
Immortal Co-Admin
Kate Arveskov

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PostSubject: Re: "War... War never changes."   Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:45 am

I'll join this, too. =D

Imagination is Intelligence having fun.
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PostSubject: Re: "War... War never changes."   Tue Jun 08, 2010 4:07 am

Finaly a guy dam i was the only one for a while but ill loin ass well and you should check out mine its called THE DEMIGOD WAR tell me what you think and tell me if you want to join
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Head Alpha
Head Alpha

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PostSubject: Re: "War... War never changes."   Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:44 pm


Basically what happens is these people are locked in the Vault for thousands of year while the earth is dimming of it's radioactivity. The people we will be playing have never seen the light of the sun except for on movies, in books,and artificial light in the Vault.
This Rp will be about our character's journey as they make their place among earth.
Note: there are still places that have radiation, avoid these--it'll kill or mutilate your character. There are also some crazy people that kill and are mutants themselves.

This RP is based off the hit video game "Fallout." Techinically it would be in the fanfiction area, but due to it's graphic content must be used in the UnRestricted section.

Thank you!

+Escape From it All+

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Head Alpha
Head Alpha

Number of posts : 1300
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PostSubject: Re: "War... War never changes."   Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:44 pm


+Escape From it All+

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PostSubject: Re: "War... War never changes."   Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:13 pm

well i got a charecture made already i just know how to start also i want to keep demigod war going so can you help me move that along anyone
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Head Alpha
Head Alpha

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PostSubject: Re: "War... War never changes."   Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:23 am

We can keep all of them moving. Don't have to post every second in every Rp but just go through and post in some that you haven't posted in a while just a couple times a week. And I think Kate helped introduce your character, think her last post was trying to talk to yours.
I always forget which character is in which Rp that's why I made the character list section! ^_^

+Escape From it All+

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PostSubject: Re: "War... War never changes."   

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"War... War never changes."
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