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*~Please be sure either when or before you join, read the Rules and the RolePlay Tutorial and leave comments if you have any questions. Thank you~*
+Wêl¢ðmê †ð Öñ¢ê ßêñ: A RolePlaying Dimension. Let your cravings wander and let to be free+
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     +Once Bitten Welcomes You!

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    Head Alpha
    Head Alpha

    Number of posts : 1300
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    Age : 27
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    PostSubject: +Once Bitten Welcomes You!   Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:21 am

    Hello Newcomer,

    Just taking a browse on the site? Interested in what's this all is all about?
    This is a website dedicated to written Role-Playing.
    The categories and plot lines can vary widely.
    Although I allow vampire and werewolf Role-Plays as much as you want, I also encourage Role-Plays of any other kind of genre or fantasy.
    If you want to write some about the medieval ages, werecats, zombies, fairies, or even fanfictions,
    These are highly recommended.
    You don't have to create those that I listed, anything that comes to your mind can be made!
    This is a continuing of a growing family and we need YOU to make a difference in this site!
    Your commitment to this site will only help us improve.

    As I mentioned earlier, Once Bitten is like family (Convenant, Pack, Community, etc) whatever the title for us as a whole Once Bitten prides itself on how close each member is to each other.
    Everyone becomes friends as everyone helps each other with plot ideas.
    We're friendly and enjoy your company.
    YOU are a vital individual to this forum.
    YOU and YOUR imagination will always be needed on this site.

    This site was first created in the fall of 2008 and will have its birthday in September.
    This Forum has seen people come and go stories rise and fall.
    Once Bitten, along with the dedicated staff, hope that YOU will make a difference and help us grow and improve.
    Your opinions help us a long way.
    And if you have any questions you can send the senior members or the Alphas and Betas Private Messages (or there's a chatbox you can interact in if anyone's one) if you need any help or understanding on whatever you need.

    Whether you decide to join is your choice, and we uphold that highly here.
    We respect your opinions and views.
    All we have to say in response is thank you for at least checking out the forum.
    Not only do we have Role-Plays but there are areas to post stories or poems of yours, and also within the Fantasy Galaxy a spot for you to post information on religion, mythologies, and facts of the supernatural realm.

    Might I suggest, you do decide to join to take a peek at our Rules for the Website and Rules for Role-Playing.

    Thank you.
    Stay Strong and True.
    The Once Bitten Staff.

    +Escape From it All+

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    +Once Bitten Welcomes You!
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