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 RolePlaying 102: Making a Character

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PostSubject: RolePlaying 102: Making a Character   Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:05 am

Making a Character

To make a character is simple!

Typically when you join an RP and you read about the plot, the setting, and etc. sometimes the creator will make requirements for the people/creatures of the story.

They may already have a character layout set up that you simply highlight, right click, copy and then paste it into the designated section for whatever genre it is.
A character skeleton usually looks like this:
(This is just the basic skeleton)

Gender: (male? female?)
Species: (Human?)
Appearance: (What do they look like?)
Personality: (Tell us what they're like)
History:(What was their past like?)
Role Play Title: (What RP are they featured in?)

This was just a basic one,Rp makers may add more depending on what theme the RP is.\

So the skeleton kinda helps you out making a character and gives you an idea of what we're looking for.

Now, to actually make the character that comes from your own imagination.
They can have whatever personality and history as long as it is related to the story.
For example, if its set in the 3000 and you make the history in 2010 that wouldn't work.

If you need any help making characters and not sure how to go about it OR if you need ideas if its your first time, please feel free to ask any of the Once Bitten staff members or senior members to help you get started.
Typically it only takes one time you've got the hang of making a character.

My only request is to go into deep detail on the Appearance, Personality, and History of your character. Add ANYTHING that may come to your mind. Even if they worked at a mall for a couple years,that still goes into their history and helps the readers out so they know what kind of background is going on.

You have now graduated Role Playing 102!
Please continue to read the other class levels!

Thank you!

+Escape From it All+

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RolePlaying 102: Making a Character
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