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 Falling for the Moon: Act I

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Falling for the Moon: Act I Empty
PostSubject: Falling for the Moon: Act I   Falling for the Moon: Act I Icon_minitimeFri Aug 13, 2010 1:56 pm

((Okay, this is my first story with putting "you" in the plot. It may not
be perfect or what you may not want but at least you're in it. Whether
you're a girl or guy reading this your character is a girl. Your name
is Keira, you're almost seventeen and you have wavy, long, golden hair.
Your eyes are gold and you're around the height of 5'8". Enjoy. ))

have glanced in the mirror a dozen times observing the dress you wore
for the Halloween Dance being held at your school. You continue to
tremble in your fish-net nylons and constantly flattened your hair so
it wouldn't block your view. Though you're in eleventh grade and many
dances have been held at your school you couldn't help be nervous for
all of them. This might have not been homecoming or prom but it was
still a streeful event, especially since you planned it and barely
anyone assisted you to set up. Suddenly you break out of your dilema
and shoved your sleek feet into your heels. You sketched on the last of
your make-up encircling your golden eyes tender in the light upon your
bedroom ceiling. You had planned this night for many moons and aside
from a social debut you were also hunting.
Your eyes flashed greed
as you slipped into your cloak, velvet at the touch but intimidating
from a far off view. You checked yourself again in the mirror retracing
anything that you may have forgotten for your outfit and then you slid
the gloves onto your slender hands with shimmering claws at the end.
You were almost satisfied with the results of your beauty radiating
from the costume and for gaining a moment of a child you meowed at your
reflection and swiped at the air with your clawed gloves like a cat.
knock then distracted you and you slightly jumped an inch off the floor
surprised by the unannounced noise. Your head perked up at the door as
the knock continued to echo in your ears.
"Keira? Can I come in?" came a muffled voice from the other side.
recognized it. You sighed familiar that it was your older brother,
Hector of twenty years. You leaned against the edge of your wrinkled
bed and replied, "Come in Hect."
He entered with his suave gait. He
smiled at you towering up to your ceiling that he had to slouch
faintly. His eyes sparkled silver as you once recalled they had been
gold like yours a couple of months ago. You answered by giving him a
nervous smirk.
"You excited? I remember the Halloween Dance is the biggest event for the year," Hector commented as he joined you by your bed.
giggle anxiously. "Ugh, no. If nobody likes this dance then I'm gonna
die." You couldn't retract a shiver and shuddered beside Hector.He
instantly felt it able to be more sensitive to his senses than anyone
You knew his condition and quivered each time you thought
about it. Still he was your only brother and a condition like his to
keep from your parents wouldn't harm anybody.
"Eh..you'll be fine.
If anyone gives you crap just let me know." He then revealed a white
grin of fangs descending. Depsite the unnatural performance of Hector's
teeth you should've jumped back but instead you laughed 'cause no
matter what he was your brother and you confirmed you must learn at
some time.
"I'll hold you to it," you agreed. You then rolled your
eyes and bumped Hector on the shoulder with yours. "You're such a geeky
He laugh aloud, booming in your chest. Do all wolves do that or is it just me? you question yourself.
"Yeah, and you're my insane sister that always needs my help," he said nonchalantly.
all the time. I can take care of myself. What are you gonna do when I
move out?" you countered back at him, but couldn't stop your smiles.
He shrugged. "I'll just come live with you. God knows is Dad finds out about me especially with our family I'll certainly die."
You tried to ignore him and said, "I refuse to have any relatives live with me. You'll just tell me to be a maid or whatever..."
"Well..." Hector searched for an answer, "You'll just have to get over that."
laughed along with your brother, thankful you have someone you could
trust around here especially since there's beasts in every corner.
Hector then looked at you intently that you stiffened wondering what he
was thinking.
Does he think I'm meat or something?
"Are you really going to the dance?" he clarified.
"Yes," you simply say.
"Really, really?"
"Yes. Really, really."
"Really, really, really?"
"There's point when you need to stop!" you demanded.
He waved his hand dismissively. "Like I said before--you have to get over that. Oh yeah, Nikita is here."
eyes widened as you checked yourself one last time in the mirror,
snatched a silver pocket knife from your bed and stuffed it into your
boot. You hurried down the stairs and the main room where your father
was speaking to a man of your age with a charming smile and dashing
silver eyes, even more hypnotizing than your brother's. Hector was
still at your side able to keep up with you too easily.You didn't pay
any mind to him for your attention was all on Nikita as he glanced at
you with excitement and a hint of impatience.
Immediately your face blushed furiously and you heard Hector chuckle beside you. You elbowed him which didn't have any effect.
Great. Gonna probably have a bruise there tomorrow.
looked at you with wonder. It was a shame you knew what he was and was
taught ever since your mother passed that they were the enemy, that
they were evil:Werewolves. You heard that they preferred to be called
Lycans but they were still man who turned into hideous wolves whenever
they chose but tonight was a Harvest moon and you knew that they would
be weaker with their self control and probably would transform and
since it was a harvesting moon you also figured they would go mad with
bloodlust. You didn't want your brother to suffer through that due to
that he was a "Lycan" as well. He too didn't wish that and encouraged
you to find the one that turned him and end it all. Considering it was
a werewolf that slaughtered your mother you immediately took the
assignment from Hector keeping it a secret from your father, the Bounty
Hunter Zane.
As much as you adore your brother you couldn't confess
his current state to your father. You couldn't stand having another
loved one dead. But as Hector gazed at you with longing eyes to end his
suffering you took a breath through your nose and stood erect and
approached Nikita, who is your date to the dance.
Zane smiled at you
with stars twinkling in his eyes. Memories of how you've grown from a
plump little girl to a young lady with full curves and tight
legs.Nikita enjoyed to point those out daily and you would easily smile
at him with devotion. You strongly liked him but you didn't know if you
loved him realizing that he was a werewolf and possibly turned your
Still you returned Zane your enchanting smile, more
mystical than legends and looped your arm around Nikita's. You took a
glimpse of red rising into his cheekbones. Supposedly, he must really
like you back. You repressed a girlish giggle and glanced sideways at
Hector. He was trying to not growl at Nikita angry at him for wooing
his younger sister but he still wasn't sure if it was Nikita who
changed him. You weren't sure either 'cause your research all lead to
dead ends. You kept quiet and listened to Zane as he said:
"Now don't stay out too late. Nikita she may be almost 17 but she does have a curfew."
would you like her back?" he asked your father with his voice that
vibrated in your chest. Goose bump ripped across your skin.
nine. It is a school night, mind you," your father replied. Although he
had been studying the likenesses between 'wolves he was still oblivious
that they all had silver eyes except for the females who have a gold
color which sometimes made you worried since you have that color.
However you know that you haven't been bitten or anything so Hector
would be there to persuade you out of your panic sometimes.
"Of course, Mr. Murray," Nikita agreed. "These days streets have been rather reckless."
Where'd the politeness come from? You gazed at Nikita with admiration.
and we all know how Keira is," commented your older brother as he shot
you a protective grin. You bubbled with irritation at him but also
cared for him 'cause no matter what: He's your brother!
After all
was said and done you and Nikita prepared to leave as Zane bid the both
of you farewell and went into the kitchen to barbecue some steak. As
soon as your father was gone you glanced quickly at Hector noticing he
was vaguely shooting with tremors through his hands and his eyes met
yours with a solid silver.
You almost shuddered rigorously but
managed to hold it back by biting your quivering lip. You felt Nikita
tighten his arm around yours that made your heart leap into your throat
and pound violently. QUickly you tried to keep your face away from his
and lead him out of the house feeling your gut become heavy when
realizing that Hector was becoming weaker and weaker to thr forces of
the harvest moon.
You had to hurry before you would lose your brother.

To Be Continued....

+Escape From it All+

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Falling for the Moon: Act I
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