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 Falling for the Moon: Act II

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Falling for the Moon: Act II Empty
PostSubject: Falling for the Moon: Act II   Falling for the Moon: Act II Icon_minitimeFri Aug 13, 2010 1:58 pm

((If you read Falling For the Moon then here it comes close to the
conclusion. Although this may be the shortest series ever and if you
liked the first one then you're going to fall in the love with this. I
only ask of you one thing: Will you fall for the moon to save someone's


you and Nikita left your house trying to leave behind your brother
Hector's face of agony and twisting pain from the moon looming
brightly. You felt vehemnt shudders disturb your body and Nikita
glanced at you, his silver eyes potent and dangerous in the moonlight.
You saw him hesitate in his steps and maybe and small crack from his
knuckles--the beginnings of the tranformation that you have endured
with your brother. You have seen your brother change before and each
time it had terrified you but it was also alluring to watch and after
all was accomplished Hector would stand as a proud wolf with
everlasting beauty. You guessed that was how Nikita was like as well
considering he must be tamed in his other form but you caught tiny
glimpses of his struggle.

He tried to distract you by smirking and asked, "How've you been Keira? I didn't catch you at school today."
fine. I was just really exhausted so I decided to stay home," you
replied. Just having him talk to you was enough to set off your ache to

"I hope you're not too sick. I was worried if you weren't going to make it to the dance," he said concern rising in his voice.
You shook your head. "No not at all. I wouldn't miss this dance for the world"-- or seeing your curse leave my brother.
You and Nikita strode down the sidewalk, you holding onto his arm tightly.
"Yeah, I must admit I did miss you today," Nikita said with ease. You drowned in his deep voice.
Not sound rude or anything but we're not even dating and you act like
we are," you said. You then kicked yourself for talking to him with
such demand that it could've harmed him. You glanced at Nikita and he
seemed okay but you still wondered about his metallic eyes and how they
strayed away from yours.

He shrugged. "Maybe I do want us to date."
Your heart choked itself for a moment completely unaware at how this came about.
"Da-Date...?" you stuttered breathlessly.
I have always liked you a lot maybe even love but I can never be sure.
Sometimes you're hard to decipher," he said coolly. You regretted ever
slipping the pocketknife into your boot.

"Um..but Nikita...I-I" you
tried to say that you knew what he was, what he's done, and all of the
treacherous dealings he has done with his curse but you couldn't. Your
voice was trapped in your throat; somehow you didn't want to tell him.
You felt sure enough you loved him too.

"We've been friends since
freshman year and that was the first year I moved here to this small
town. You were the first person I met and it was actually amazing we
became friends so fast," Nikita continued ignoring your attempt to
object but you were also tempted by his voice to remain silent.

"But..." Your tongue tied itself into knots. Your face flushed that you hoped that Nikita didn't notice.
it wasn't until a while after we met and got so used to each other I
started to like you. My feelings became stronger and stronger everyday
I was with you, and whenever we weren't together I was impatient until
we saw each other again." You swayed slightly at his confession and
then leaned on the tree behind you.

Wait. A tree? Weren't you on the
sidewalk a moment ago? Pulling out of your trance you noticed after
dismissing the blur of your vision the both of you were in the forest.
The Harvest moon hung in the black sky glowing its orange glaze across
the land making your knees melt at its threatening beauty.

"Even now," he added, "I feel exactly the same. Two years later and I still feel devoted to you--but I must know something..."
you being the darkening forest with Nikita alone and with what he is
should've frightened you but you felt at ease. There was no torment in
your bones egging you to leave. You were staring idly at him looking
nowhere else although your skin prickled in goose bumps as shadows
crept towards you. You didn't notice though, you were being cradled in
Niktia's gaze, the moon outlining him.

"Keira," you repressed a sigh at how he said your name, "would you really kill me?"
froze. How'd he know? Now you looked him over again and saw that his
face was contorting and shifting to something dangerous but gorgeous.
He grinned at you but you saw his fangs descend glinting like a

"W-what do you..." You were still breathless out of passion not out of fear. You didn't think you could ever be afraid of him.
know your plans. I've known since I sensed your brother was turned and
with that I was allowed to access his mind and get all of the
information I needed," he began to explain.

"Huh?" you barely managed to ask.
know Keira. I know that you want me dead that hopefully it'll make your
brother a human. Well I can tell you right now I don't intend on dying
any day near to this one," he proclaimed in riveting growls.

tried to so hard to not slouch in fear. You refused to look into his
eyes nervous that you wouldn't be able to escape. But you did observe
his detailed structure and slowly it blurred into something else as his
voice became husky.

"I...thought you loved me..." you said almost wounded.

To be Continued...

+Escape From it All+

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Falling for the Moon: Act II
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