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 Falling for the Moon: Act III

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PostSubject: Falling for the Moon: Act III   Falling for the Moon: Act III Icon_minitimeFri Aug 13, 2010 2:01 pm

((If you read Falling For the Moon then here it all concludes.Although
this may be the shortest series ever and if you liked the first one
then you're going to fall in the love with this. I only ask of you one
thing: Will you fall for the moon to save someone's life?))


gazed at you pinning you to the tree, there was no physical force that
he was bestowing upon you but the way his eyes glowered made you feel
small. He had confessed that he loved you and now he was preparing for
the hunt, for prey--you. You choked on your sob to not appear frail and
weak but you felt backstabbed. You loved him also and yet you couldn't
hold anger. All you felt was a numbing feeling that was eager to twist
your spine in coils.

"I do love you," he said gruffly. "But I won't die for something I didn't do..."
Your eyes widened. "Wha-?"
didn't bite your brother." His words strained to their presence as the
Harvest moon shone behind his shoulders. "I would never to such a thing
to the girl's family that I love. You just assumed I did it 'cause I'm
the nearest Lycan."

Werewolf, you corrected in your mind between
shivers. He was a werewolf but like all they enjoyed to be called
Lycans, it made them sound superior.

"No 'buts'. I'm
not going to die. I planned the rest of my life with you and though I
don't want to hurt you it seems I'm at a disadvantage," Nikita growled.
He flexed his neck as you heard bones snap.

"But Nikita...I love you too..."
why were you going to kill me?!" he demanded in a roar. He flung
himself away putting sime distance between them as he hugged a tree,
claws digging hungrily into the bark.

"I wasn't going to!" You
managed to scream at him. You were impressed that your bravery came
through. "I mean, I wanted to for Hector-but I knew I couldn't go
through with it. I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

You took a step forward,
planting your foot on the soil and felt your muscles tremble. You were
devastated with fear. Though ability to speak with him was thorough you
still felt like a coward for having your limbs quake. The noise echoed
in Nikita's ears as they began to sharpen to a point. He looked up at
you with a pathetic sadness in his silver eyes. You pressed onward
feeling his sadness and wanting to protect him in your arms.

sorry too..." Nikita whimpered. Tears streamed down his cheeks as did
yours, your cheeks were flushed and furious with the thought of
betrayal. Slowly Nikita was losing himself to the Harvest moon. You had
to save him--and your brother. You were caught in between the two
people you adored the most. This was a horrible, fatal trap set up by

Nikita fell to the gound turning and spiraling on the matted
grass. He continued to strenuously growl as his nails lithely
lengthened into claws like daggers. They protruded into the dirt for
him to stay in one spot. His back was hunched forward his spine popping
and screaming loudly, the noise would never leave your ears. His nose
grew into a snout, fangs descending beyond his jaw as his lips curled
up in a greedy grin. His clothes ripped, becoming tattered by the
transformation. They were in ruins as the last part of his shirt was
torn away by his mighty torso.

Gray fur sprouted from every pore.
His hinde legs struggled to stretch and elongate to their new
appearance as his hands turned into large paws. His fangs glimmered
cruelly beneath the moonlight.

He doubled over. He was no longer
Nikita. He was now a predator and because of the Harvest moon's power
he was a slave to it bloodthirst. He was a creature for blood and the
neartest one was Keira. You.

You watched him change, watched him
leave you. During his alter from man to beast you managed to slip out
of your paralyzing fear and bent down to your boot. You grabbed the
silver pocket knife and unsheathed it. It flashed the moon's glare. As
much as you regretted this fight to the death that would soon fall upon
you, you still knew there was no way you would give up. Everyone's
selfish to live and you were just human, nobody can blame you.

You tensed you legs bending them slightly, prepared for an attack.
shook his head, his large ears flopping around. He was honestly a giant
in his wolf form. He exactly like a wolf except 5 ft. and his paws were
like plates. His claws exposed themselves. Then he took a step towards

You tried not to flinch, that would make him anticipate. All
your training and research to defeat 'Lycans' had finally arrived. You
loved him, loved him so much that it made you cringe.To see him salvate
for your flesh was terrifying and had you clenching tight onto your
knife, the only thing between you and death.

He growled. The beat of
it purred in your chest as you couldn't replace your love for him due
to fear. You dropped the knife. It didn't matter that he was overcome
with the need to eat, it wasn't his fault. It was the Harvest moon. You
glared at it and then back at Nikita as he advanced towards you slowly
and menacing.

You erected your back and took in a deep breath. This was it. This would prove your love for him. You would die for him.
tail swished behind him. His claws sunk into the ground. He was
beautiful as the moonlight descended upon his bristled fur. You were
captivated at how prosperous he was in his wolf form and how at one he

You made contact with his metallic eyes. Your golden eyes
veiled to him making him freeze. Your eyes told him a message strictly
for him.

I would fall for the moon for you...
He hesitated.
You sighed but had done so too soon.
sudden occurrence on unexpecting motion in air made Nikita snarl. He
couldn't stop himself, his wide eyes had tightened into slits as he was
focused only on you.

You tried to move away but there was too much tension in your legs that you couldn't budge.
You tried to scream and opened your mouth to do so but was interuppted by a painful howl somewhere behind you.
flung your head around looking at where the other howl came from and
you saw a black wolf as large as Nikita spring out of the darkness. You
gasped and bit your tongue accidentally feeling the blood trickle down
your throat. You knew that black wolf for you have seen him before when
it wasn't during the Harvest Moon and he could control himself.

His silver eyes met yours.
You knew him.
He was your brother, Hector.
"Hector..." You whispered.
The black wolf was glowering at the gray wolf, both of their eyes hard and bestowing fire at each other's hatred.
Nikita wanted to eat you.
Hector wanted to protect you.
Or did he?
You tried to close your eyes awaiting for what would result at Hector's abrupt presence.
shoulders rose as his ears perked forward. Hector did the same. Their
tails were lifted and swishing behind them creating a sort of swoosh in
their dust.Finally after their moment of glaring sourly at each other
Nikita made the first move. He took a step to the side, Hecot mirrored
him. They circled each other their shoulders hunched and fur bristled,
muzzles curled up tightly to reveal their sparkling fangs.

roared and charged forward. Hector braced himself and when they made
contact bites, yelps, growls, and barks were all that you heard.

was all in a rush. You couldn't see much and didn't want to. You
glanced up at the tree behind you and started to scamble up. Nikita's
ear flicked towards your movement and jerked his head up. He growled
menacingly and headed towards you. You hurried but the fear froze your
legs making you sliding down the trunk of the tree again and again.

Nikita was growing close.
bellowed a ferocious bark and pounced on Nikita. Both of them fell to
the ground. Hector picked up his head looking across the field at you.

You stood rigid.
licked his chops hunger swirling like a storm in his eyes but he
clenched his jaws. He shook his head and glanced away. You couldn't
help but smile at your brother.

He remembered you.
He wouldn't eat you.
took this advantage and climbed up onto the tree grabbing and rising on
the branches until you found one sturdy enough to hold you. You hugged
the tree and was forced to watch the Lycan fight hoping that at any
second it would end.

You hoped it wouldn't end fatally for you loved
both men in whatever form they take. One was your brother and the other
your beloved, how could you hate either of them?

You waited...and waited until it would finish.
sun sought to share its warm rays through the hills and mountains. It
had allowed the moon and night to sleep despite the thundering roars
throughout the forest. The heavens were streaked with orange, pink,
purple, and hints of blue. The morning air was crisp and nipped at your

You were thankful that it was daylight.
Columns of rays
shot through the canopy of the trees landing thoroughly on the ground.
You then searched the leafy ground for your brother and Nikita.

had been fighting all night until at some moments Nikita abandoned them
but he would only return with blood on his muzzle and chest. Hector
never left sometimes lying in front of the tree with alert ears.

Nikita would return that would be Hector's cue to continue the fight,
which Nikita was excited to agree. Now they were panting, out of breath
and at some distance between each other. Both were splattered with
blood and the trees and floor of the earth was matted with it as well.
It was horrid to see them bathe deliciously in each other's warm blood.
They grinned slyly at each other sometimes only to expose their red
fangs expressing their power.

As you watched them closely Hector had
fallen to his side wriggling in his fur. He whimpered and moaned. He
let out a couple huffs of rising howls but they were strained and
sounded awful. Nikita had gotten up, his tongue lolled out as he hid
behind a nearby tree where he performed his own transformation.

you slid down the tree and hurried to Hector's side. You picked up his
large wolf head in your arms and held him near. He stretched and
tightened. His breathing was slowed and then quickened. His snout
shortened into a human nose and his fur melted off. Almost in an
instant he was human and shivered in your arms.

"K-Kei-Keira?" he asked breathlessly.
"I'm here Hector. Don't worry, I'm here," You composed him.
shook his head. "I can barely remember what happened...all I heard was
a scream...seeing you and...the other one trying to hurt you..." His
eyes widened. "Did-did I hurt you?"

You shook your head. "No you didn't. I knew you wouldn't."
He sighed regaining his composure. "I hate Harvest Moons...they're so unpredtictable."
but now you don't have to worry. You have another year without a
Harvest Moon and I know that no matter what you wouldn't hurt me," You
explained hopeful.

He gave you a weak smile.
"Thanks Keira for being there for me."
You felt your heart sprout warmth as your honey golden eyes focused on your dear brother.
"Anything for you Hector. You're my brother and whether I like it or not I have to put up with you." You giggled.
He chuckled lightly and looked around. "Hey Keira, it's cold."
"Oh!" You gasped. You took off your coat and loaned it to him wrapping it around his masculine body to cover him up.
Hector then asked, "So where is that vermin?"
You shrugged. "I don't think he bit you Hector..."
"What makes you say that?" he growled.
"Don't get angry Hector, please," You advised. "He told me that he didn't bite you."
He sneered. "Pfft. Whatever. Are you really gonna believe him Keira?"
You stared starry-eyed at him. He couldn't understand what you felt for Nikita until Hector experiences his own love.
"I already do believe him," You replied.
He inhaled quickly, his nostrils flared.
Hector, try to understand. He didn't bite you. I know he didn't. I
don't know how but I just know. Please understand and the one who bit
you also bit Nikita. He's on the hunt too," you explained quickly.
"Maybe we could--"

"What? Team up?"
Silence had stunned him. Finally he crossed his arms and pouted. "Fine..."
You grinned. "Thanks Hector, now I just have to find Nikita.."
saw his clothes that he had flung off before his transformation and ran
to them. You picked them up and with a thoughtful smirk at your brother
you headed towards the tree where Nikita had hidden himself behind.

found Nikita squirming out of his fur and adjusting to another form
that he had once claimed day and night, moon or moonless. Like your
brother he moaned and jerked his body here and there in severe
twitches. He growled a couple times until they turned into human groans
and grunts.

You advanced onto him slowly but standing tall like you
had all night. You imagined yourself standing by his side through any
difficulty he went through and supporting him, saving him, even falling
for him. You liked the thought of being with him and picturing him in
his large wolf form protecting you, risking his life at all costs.

Cliche sounding but you knew it was true.
he had completed his transformation and was now human. He flashed a
glance at you his silver eyes liquid but warm in the deep corners.He
stared only transfixed on you he then looked down at himself where
multiple scratched, cuts, and bite marks were bleeding profusely.

You took another step crunching the leaves beneath your light weight and he snapped his head at you again.
"Stay away..." he murmured breathlessly.
You furrowed your brows together slightly puzzled. "Why should I?"
"Because either you'll kill me or I'll kill you..." Nikita simply replied tired and exhausted.
You lowered onto your knees beside him despite his efforts to scoot away. "Does it hurt?" You referred to his wounds.
He shook his head. "Nothing I've dealt with before. Now go."
"Obey me for your own good."
"Nope. I'm my own person, I don't have to bow down to anyone," You declared sort of sourly.
He sighed, panting again. "Fine. Then kill me."
"What!" You gave the impression of astonishment.
"Isn't that what you want? Me dead to save your brother?" Nikita reminded you.
know it wasn't you that bit my brother. I want to help both of you.
Please Nikita, after last night I don't know if I could"--You forced
out the word--"kill you."

He trembled. You handed him his clothes
but wrapped his coat around his shoulders covering his body and
immediately bringing him warmth.

"I didn't ask for this...curse," he whispered bitterly. "Now. Go."

We're not done yet,
Which one will you choose?

+Escape From it All+

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Falling for the Moon: Act III
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