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 Falling for the Moon: Ending 1 FALLING FOR THE SUN

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Head Alpha

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PostSubject: Falling for the Moon: Ending 1 FALLING FOR THE SUN   Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:04 pm

((Alternate Ending 1))


sat beside him wrangling with your heart of what to do next. You wanted
to return to your brother and hold him tightly and tell him everything
would be okay but you also desired to be cherished only by Nikita and
protect from any danger that may harm him. You couldn't help it, you've
felt this way towards him ever since the both of you had met. And aside
from his condition of being a Lycan you couldn't pull away from his
side but the fear continued to spread through your veins.

"No Nikita, I want to help," You reasoned.
"No. You'll get hurt--"
"But, I love you," You confessed. You blushed furiously as your heart entwined with your lungs making it impossible to breathe.
He stared straight at you. You cringed in his line of sight and how
beautiful and mysterious his silver eyes were. "You'll get hurt with
me. That's a fact. Go to your brother. He needs you more than I."

nodded and prepared to leave. However before you did such a sin you
budged your head closer to his. You found his lips as they laced with
yours, touseling your love with his--combining it.The kiss was
sensitive, gentle, and light. It made you boil, your blood wanted to
burst into flames as your golden eyes stung with passionate tears. You
hugged him digging deeper into the kiss as he cupped your cheek
bringing you closer.

No matter how much he craved and would've
instinctively defended you Nikita recoiled. He tore apart the kiss
staring sadly at you and cuddled more into his coat.

You sighed and fianlly got up.
"I understand," You muttered crestfallen. "I'll always be here Nikita. I'm always here for you."
in the shadows I'll always protect you," he said licking his lips as if
trying to find any trace of your lips you may have left behind. "I love
you too Keira but I couldn't stand it if I ever harmed you. Please..."

understand Nikita. Say no more, that'll only make me want to fight back
more," You said. You flung your hair behind your shoulder and with a
swift farewell kiss on his cheek you returned to Hector.

"Everything alright?" asked your brother.
"Yeah." You quickly swiped some entrails of tears scarring your cheeks and your heart.
"You sure? You don't look okay. Want me to teach him a less--"
Hector I'm fine. Why don't we get a place together? You and me. That
way we don't have to deal with Dad finding out about you," You
suggested, hopeful.

"Err--sure. But why so sudden?" he asked.
"Because there's only one guy I want in my life, and that's my dear older brother." You glistened up at him.
He chuckled. "Kiss up." He then took you into a comforting hug and holding your hand both of you went to live on.
Both of you entered the world with the Sun...


+Escape From it All+

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Falling for the Moon: Ending 1 FALLING FOR THE SUN
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