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 WolfBound Act I

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PostSubject: WolfBound Act I   WolfBound Act I Icon_minitimeWed Oct 06, 2010 7:59 pm

Once upon a time there was a land that time had forgotten with itsmyths and magic, and fears that if not obeyed would be treacherous forthose who deserved it so. Once upon a time there was a land that livedin harmony with its beasts and prey of the environment, learning to notsimply take, but to ask for permission then take the life, afterwardswhispering the departing soul a safe and humble journey to paradise.
Onceupon a time, this land was untainted by few sin and little treachery.The humans were small in numbers and enjoyed themselves with theirlaughter and merriment that they saw the next day safe and unharmed.
Thesepeaceful folk were watched over carefully by their superiors, KingArmand and Queen Gwendolyn. Both, when young and newly married,helplessly in love, ventured into the woods and made a truce with theenchantress of the woods.
Their pact was that she would ensureprotection of their small village from the wars and death by force fromthe outside world if they taught their people how to respect and lovethe world that was their home around them. The enchantress agreed andfor fifteen years has used her powerful spells to make the villagedisappear from any map if any outsider was caught wandering the woods,about ready to enter the small town.
The pact between theenchantress and the merciful rulers of the kingdom was on the samelevel, none of them ever stirring a fight.
This was until, the queenyearned for a child of her own. King Armand agreed, they would live foronly so long and they needed to entrust the throne to an offspring.
So, one day, they made love with the passion strong between them ensuring that the queen was fully fertilized afterwards.
Ninemonths passed quickly for the two and a gorgeous baby boy was born.Unfortunately,the boy was too great for the mother and she passed on tothe afterlife silently, only having enough energy to see her beautifulmiracle brought into the world and smiling at her dear husband.
Long eighteen years passed.
Theboy gained the name of Prince Vincent. Yet, despite his sweetlydecorated name he had grown into a spoiled and demanding child. PoorArmand had no clue how to raise a child, and didn't raise him properlybecause his former wife was so wise about the nature of nurturing andthe principles how a child's minds ticks, she knew the difference ofwhat people wanted and what they needed.
He didn't have her to guide him and he failed at raising his child to being the merciful king he needed to take his place.
In need of help, King Armand went to the enchantress in the forest.
He told her of his concerns of the boy and what it will bring not only to his kingdom but to her forests as well.
Theenchantress, ageless and as fair as an angel, spoke delicately. "I willgive him a test. I will come to him as a wounded animal, a messenger ofthe earth, if he comes to my aide there will be hope for him. If heturns me away I will put a spell on him that will make him see the errof his tantrums and orders. He won't break of this spell til he findsthat one person who can break it with him. It may take years. Do youwish me to pursue this?"
Long the king thought. It would take years.He may lose his only family. But it was for the better of the land thathad grown precious to him. Finally, he nodded.
The enchantress thensaid in almost a song, "Then I will come to your castle as a injuredrabbit. Only he can answer the door and if he fails, you must neveracknowledge of his existence or it would make him stay with the spellfor the rest of his life."
"What spell will you put on him?" the king asked, concerned.
"Simple, my dear king. I will turn him into a wolf."
Thatnight, Prince Vincent sat in front of the grand fireplace eating grapesfrom a platter as he ordered a nearby servant to get him some whine.
Heheard a scratching at the front door. For a long time he ignored it butit began to itch at his nerves that he finally got up and went to thelarge and intricate door.
Vincent swung the doors open and whenlooking side to side, he felt his blood boil. Whoever dared played thistrick on him shall be hung!
Then he glanced at his feet. He saw a small white rabbit, with wide green eyes.
It limped towards him, its front right leg broken from something traumatic.
The Prince made a face of disgust, grimacing at the creature at his feet.
"Shoo! Get away you horrid beast!" Vincent kicked the animal.
The rabbit slowly got up and gazed at him with wide, knowing eyes.
The fur melted away, its height growing as soon Vincent was faced with the angelic enchantress from the woods.
ThePrince fell to his knees begging for forgiveness, but it was too late.He had failed his trial, he was too selfish and greedy to even care forthe simplest of creatures on this earth.
For his punishment, she turned him into a wolf.
Hewould be a wolf until he found love for another, and would rather diefor them than watch them die for him. Until then he would stay a wolfand if never broken, he would live his days as a wolf and die as one.

KingArmand, huddled in his room weeping at the loss of another loved one,the queen's image burning in his head as he heard his son's howlechoing throughout the night.


+Escape From it All+

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WolfBound Act I
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