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 WolfBound Act II

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PostSubject: WolfBound Act II   WolfBound Act II Icon_minitimeWed Oct 06, 2010 7:59 pm

A dark brown creature crept through the under brush. He had dark furbut on the brown colors was another thick layer of black. Around hiseyes were flecks of white, making his blue eyes ghostly when he wouldstand in the silent forest. He was a large wolf, with toned andrippling muscles, taller than his brethren he had run into during histravels. He had wandered far from where he was created, born into amajestic creature of the woods, becoming one of earth's messengers justlike all animals were. To remind man that this was their home too. Yetthe wolf was still confused on that, he didn't quiet understand how manplayed such a strong role in the world. He didn't understand how oneperson could have such a power over the earth,and why it was bestowedon man.
A growl itched in his throat,running over the memories of man.
Manhad stabbed the wolf in the back,had shot at him when he tried to takefood from their markets. Too hungry to make a kill and at that time,was too grossed out by the thought.
He remembered just taking ameasly leg of pork that smelled rotten, no one would purchase it andthe wolf knew very well. So he decided to take it off the man's hands,no one paid attention to him, there were other wolves in other towns aspets so people thought he belonged to a nearby neighbor.
The wolf knew better, he knew how to play the humans games and to get where he wanted.
So,he took the meat into his great jaws and once the clerk saw this hepulled out his gun and fired at the wolf. Luckily, the wolf was toofast and too smart. He made it out alive but had to run far and quick,for they sent hounds after him. His fellow wolves in the town wouldn'tchase him because they knew he was different than them and they wantednothing to do with a wolf as foolish as he.
However he ate a heartymeal that would last him for another day, but the wolf could liveanother month if there was nothing else for him to feed on.
The wolfleft the forests that surrounded the town, it was too dangerous for himthere and he continued in his wanderings keeping what the enchantressbefell on him kept replaying in his mind.
After a year of beingalone, and finall giving into that he had to hunt to survive, he wolfmet up with two other rogue wolves. Both were siblings, and were onlyfive years of age. They had left their pack a year before and were justenjoying their days as brother and sister, exploring what the world hadto offer.
The lone wolf needed company,he felt his sanity and commonsense slipping each day. He grew more selfish and protective overwhatever he stepped on, even when it wasn't his territory the wolfdidn't care. Although the brother and sister knew something wasdifferent about this wolf they took him under the wing, and they becamea small pack, traveling together for two years.
The brother was a grey and black wolf named Mist.The sister was a pure white wolf named Ember.
The black and brown wolf told them his name was Vincent.
The wolves perked their heads, what an odd name for it didn't sound earthly but they shrugged it off and accepted him anyway.
Thebrother and sister taught him how to properly hunt, where the bestwater was in every forest, and how to keep an eye out for man's traps.They were very cautious when talking about man, their legs trembling.
Vincent still didn't get it. Not only were man the protectors of earth, but they were feared too?
Now this was an odd thing.
Yet the young wolf sighed and followed them. They would be good protection for him.
Vincenthad become cocky in his wolf condition. He had grown to pride his fur,how he easily looked down at Mist. Ember told him Mist was large for amale wolf, one day when they were at the river for a swim,and could'veeasily overthrown their father of the pack and become an alpha. But shealso confessed that Vincent was the largest wolf she had ever seen,itwas a mystery how he could be so big.
It occurred to Vincent that he didn't know of the wolf's rankings in packs. He asked Ember if she could explain it to him.
"Really?"she growled in surprise. "A wolf that doesn't even know the ranks?Hunting is different, not everyone is taught hunting when young. Butthe ranks!?!"
Ember sighed and began. "There are two alphas, orthe leaders,that guide the pack. The alpha male and alpha female. Thesetwo are the largest, strongest, and most cunning of the pack. They arewhat lead the pack from danger. Then there's a Beta, the second incommand. He typically looks over the pack when the alpha's are away orif the alpha's have an order it goes through the Beta so he could relayit to the pack. Then there's the Omega, the lowest rank in the pack.Everyone picks on this poor fellow. Then there's other titles in thepack such as the Nurse or the Hunters and a peacemaker."
Vincent's eyes were large as he listened.
Ember laughed at his face. "Complex, huh?"
"Indeed," the male wolf agreed.
"That'sanother reason why we left. Tired of the unfairness in the pack." Shelied on her side, basking in the sun. "Alot of the wolf's laws seemswrong."
Vincent nodded but remained quiet, deep in thought. Hewouldn't want to be the Omega around Ember and Mist, but wondered ifMist was the alpha, he knew so much and did lead them quite a bit. Hisfur raised in thick hackles.He would be the alpha and no one would stophim.
A moon later, the three wolves were travelling through another forest.
This one led to a large village,full of bustling humans with a huge castle looming in the distance.
Mistwanted to leave, too many humans meant a better chance of beingthreatened. Vincent shook his head and growled, "You needn't be afraidso much of the humans. They're really more helpless than we are. Theyhave no fangs and claws and dull senses."
"But they have those thundersticks," Mist retaliated bitterly. "I won't endanger us by staying here another moment. Come."
Vincentwhirled on Mist and locked his jaws around Mist's muzzle, bringing himto the ground beneath him. Ember shook beside them.
"I say we're staying. And that's final." Vincent snarled.
The three wolves remained,and Vincent rose up as the leader where he belonged--or so he believed.

Twodays passed and Vincent was talking a short walk after sending Emberand Mist to track some food and bring it down for them. He heard astrange sound, a soft melody that played in his ears.
He followed it and came to a lake, lit only by the moonlight.
He saw Ember and Mist,with ears pricked and standing motionless.
"What is it?" Vincent ordered.
Mist turned. "A human. A woman.Singing. Its such a beautiful sound."
"Listen," Ember chirped.
Vincentcame up beside them on silent paws, and felt his eyes widen, his bodyleaning forward as his listened as well as watched a woman singing.
She was bathing in the lake, in a white dress, her long brown hair cascading down her back.
Her voice was something otherworldly. A lullaby that he could listen to for the rest of his life.

I'm lonesome since I crossed the hill,
And o'er the moorland sedgy
Such heavy thoughts my heart do fill,
Since parting with my Betsey
I seek for one as fair and gay,
But find none to remind me
How sweet the hours I passed away,
With the girl I left behind me.

O ne'er shall I foget the night,
the stars were bright above me
And gently lent their silv'ry light
when first she vowed to love me
But now I'm bound to Brighton camp
kind heaven then pray guide me
And send me safely back again,
to the girl I left behind me

Her golden hair in ringlets fair,
her eyes like diamonds shining
Her slender waist, her heavenly face,
that leaves my heart still pining
Ye gods above oh hear my prayer
to my beauteous fair to find me
And send me safely back again,
to the girl I left behind me

The bee shall honey taste no more,
the dove become a ranger
The falling waters cease to roar,
ere I shall seek to change her
The vows we made to heav'n above
shall ever cheer and bind me
In constancy to her I love,
the girl I left behind me.

Vincentwanted that voice for his own. He wanted to feel her hands run throughhis fur--no better--his skin as he would lie in her lap. He had to behuman again.
Vincent went to expose himelf. He would let himself beseen by the human girl. He wanted to hear her voice be directed to him.He wanted her...just her....
Ember cried at him to stay but Vincent was long gone.
The large wolf found himself staring at his reflection, just a wolf, and that's all he'll ever be.
Yet, the girl stopped singing and looked at him.
Her green eyes meeting his clear blue eyes.
And all there was, was only each other.


+Escape From it All+

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WolfBound Act II
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