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 WolfBound Act IV

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PostSubject: WolfBound Act IV   WolfBound Act IV Icon_minitimeWed Oct 06, 2010 8:01 pm

Throughout the rest of the next day, the large wolf anticipated to seehis human. He paced often in a clearing he and his companions decidedto make theirs. They had rested peacefully the night before, the landcrushing beneath their weight that they made a small nest.
Emberand Mist watched him with curious eyes. The white she-wolf had cooledsince the previous sun but she felt her legs twitch with Vincent's asshe became jealous, feeling it fuel her anger.
"Why don't you sit for once?" Ember snapped, her lips curling slightly.
Vincentshook his large head, some habits die hard. Wolves didn't shake theirheads, he still kept his humanity yearning to have it properly placedupon him.
And another unwolf-like trait, he didn't look at Ember's face and observe her muzzle.
Hekept his bright blue eyes ahead of him, his thoughts on Fae and howcomfortable she made him, how this feeling felt correct within him.
"Can't. Too excited," their "alpha" panted, his pink tongue lolling out.
"Excitedto see the She-Man?" growled Mist in mere puzzlement. The brother wasaware of Ember's building rage but remained silent about that. It wasobvious his young sister had emotions towards Vincent, only bringingher pain that the selfish wolf didn't return them to her. "Whateverfor?"
Vincent paused in his pacings, his ears cocked around his headas he looked down at his feet. It was clear as the blue sky above them,he loved the woman, he wanted to be by her side as a man and hold herin his arms. He had to be human, it wailed in his gut.
The large wolf glanced at his packmates and replied, "I need to be human."
Bothof the wolves became still, their faces blank and filled with terror.Ember's fur tingled, Mist's eyes shook because they were never Man,they couldn't understand.
Ember snarled as she jumped to her feet. "Have you lost your senses?! A Man? Have you lost so much to this She-Man?"
Vincent shrugged, rolling his eyes. "You don't get it."
She growled, the hair on the back of her neck rising. Her tail fanned out on edge.
"No. I don't. Explain," she barked, revealing her pearly fangs.
Hegulped gravely. He hasn't shared with anyone about his curse andwondered if it would affect him at all. His thoughts traced back towhat the Enchantress had said so many summers ago. She only warned himabout his father, she said nothing about others knowing.
The wolftook a breath and began his story, telling the siblings about how hewas as a human, a spoiled boy who took his throne for granted, howconceited he was around his followers, the events that followed afterbeing visited by the disguised Enchantress of the woods. When hefinished the two wolves stared at him incredulously.
"You really believe you were a man?" Mist piped in, his tone deep.
Vincent nodded, displaying another human trait. Wolves don't nod.
"Itwould explain a lot," Ember considered. "How you didn't know ofhunting,the rank system, your name and the odd gestures you do."
Thewhite female gazed down at her paws, wonderinog what they would looklike if she was a She-Man. Would Vincent choose to be with her? Wouldshe be everything he ever dreamed of? Ember finally sighed and realizedshe was in a war she could never win.
Feeling defeated from her broken hopes she whimpered, "If you really want this woman as yours, we'll help you in anyway we can."
Mist'sgray eyes peered from his sister to Vincent and he couldn't help butroll on his side and let out a coughing fit of laughter.
"Youcan't really believe this, Sister? Vincent? A Man? Impossible. There'sno such magic," argued Mist with a grin on his black lips.
"How doyou know?" Ember retorted in a gruff. "There's many things we don'tknow in this world. Not even our elders know the way of Man."
Mist stared drearily at the trees above them. "Do you really want to help Vincent?"
Thelarge male wolf had long resolved to sit back on his haunches, hisposture straight and patient as he listened to the siblings have theirspat. Vincent was suddenly interested to what it was like to callsomeone your brother to tease with, to have a sister to protect. Thewolf who used to be a man realized these wolves were the closest he hadever had to siblings. Brothers and sisters were meant to protect andlove, also open your eyes to truths you didn't want to admit to. Theyhad done this and more, taking them under their care when he was aloneand on the brink of death. They weren't his pack where he controlledthem, they were his brother and sister.
Even now, they proved this by sticking by him to achieve Fae and his rightful form.

Ember stared at Mist, her eyes telling him she was firm behind her decision.
The gray wolf huffed a long sigh. "Then let me accompany. I'll aide in whatever I can."
Theshe-wolf wagged her tail as she leaped to her dear brother, licking hisface and nuzzling his neck. She knew she couldn't be with Vincent, hehad made his choice, and if she couldn't make him hers, who was she toprevent him from gaining his goal?
Vincent smirked at the two, longing for that kind of affection that only a sister could give.
Hereturned onto his huge paws and advanced to Mist. The gray wolf waswondering if there would be a confrontation at how Vincent carried hisshoulders but when the male wolf was at his muzzle he butted his headwith Mist's.
"Thank you," he gasped out.
Mist closed his eyes, grateful the three of them were on equal ground now. He felt the air was sweeter around them.
"We're a pack. Let's remain one."


The sun rose higher into the sky, beating down on the three wolves as they lied in their clearing.
Mist lied on his side, as Vincent and Ember rested on top of them, resembling a group of cubs.
Vincent felt his stomach tremble, progressing into a loud rumble.
Mist picked up his head, ears pricked at his brother.
Ember chuckled. "Hunger."
The black and brown wolf lowered his ears feeling the skin beneath his fur redden.
"Lets go hunt," Ember suggested to the gray wolf beneath her.
"MayI join?" Vincent asked. Both wolves were stunned, this would be thefirst actual hunt he went on, but they wouldn't deny him, any help fortaking down food was appreciated and needed.
The three of them,after stretching and shaking their coats, padded along the forest,scanning with their wolf eyes. Vincent didn't take the lead, lettingMist sniff about their surroundings. Vincent observed how lightly thetwo wolves walked ahead of him, how they didn't even imprint the earth,almost like ghosts upon the forest floor. He looked over his shoulderand saw he was making a visible track and yearned to be as skilled ashis pack. He watched Ember closely, who was nearer to him. Her gait wasthe same except his noticed her muscles rolling effortlessly, her bodylevel with her head and how she balanced her weight with her paws.
Vincentpracticed this, copying Ember, and found his prints had gotten lighterbeneath him, they weren't invisible like Ember's but it was a start.

After what seemed like summer transitioning into winter, the three wolves had found a strong scent.
It was a herd of elk, the smells wafting through their nostrils making them drool.
Ember licked her lips as she crouched to the ground, taking the lead from her brother.
Mist'seyes became large as they darkened to not only hunger overridinghim,but a deeper sense of instinct that was roaring through him.Vincent was left behind in their wolf instincts, resorting to only acouple choices, he quickly bent his legs and advanced with his siblings.
Whenthey grew closer to the herd, Vincent felt his legs quiver as hisbravery hobbled within him. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. It wasfascinating how confident Mist and Ember were, not a trace of cowardicestaggering their position.
Vincent detailed the elk again, they wereso big compared to him, the vast antlers pointed and dangerous. Hedidn't want to lose his life, he didn't want to leave Fae like this. Hehad to see her tonight, had to hear her songs.
Vincent's tremblingscaught Ember's attention. The hunt would have to be prolonged a littlelonger. She turned her elegant head towards him and huffed. Vincent mether eyes, blue against yellow as they started to communicate.
"Donot be afraid," Ember growled softly. "It will ruin your perception. Donot hesitate for that could get you killed. And always--always go forthe jugular." She left on nimble paws towards the herd.
Mist bumpedshoulders with Vincent. "We always go for the weakest and the ill inthe herd. Don't worry. Ember is a good huntress, she's the best attaking down kills. I'm just good at tracking. You most likely won't getharmed, we're good at what we do."
Vincent licked his chops. "What is she going to do?"
Mistpulled back his lips, revealing a wide wolf grin. "She's gonna get themriled up. Bite at their legs, chase them around and try and pick theone we need. She typically tries to get the leader away from our preyand then we go in and run the kill ragged, then she comes and tears thelife away."
Vincent's ears twitched, what perfect strategy. Wolves were smarter than humans gave them credit for.
"When do we know she chose the one?" Vincent asked, lowering further.
Mist bit at his muzzle. "Silent your voice, they may hear you. Ember will give us a signal."
Suddenlythe earth began to shake, making the male wolves shudder with theground. Mist quickly regained his balance, firm on his paws. Vincentcopied his brother and realized it was the elk, running in circles asEmber chased them. She bit at their heels until a particularly largeand white elk charged at her. She snarled as she twisted in the air,challenging the leader. The lead elk snorted as chaos ran around them,swinging his antlers at her.
Mist bolted out into the meadow, weaving like a phantom between the elk crying, "Come! Let's help!"
Vincentpulled onto his long legs, head diving into the frantic elk. Herealized how tall he was compared to the elk as he passed them, findingthat he came up to their shoulders.
From a relatively close distancehe heard teeth clicking together, snarls being emitted into the air andsaw Mist and Ember fight at the leader. Feeling his heart race, Vincentran to them instantly biting at the elk's face, jumping at him, the elkreared and wailed a cry. Fire burned in his eyes.
Ember barked androared, her muzzle messy with wrinkles as she allowed her savagery beseen. Mist was the same, fur bristled and coming to hate the elkleader. Vincent felt his face tighten as he began to make the samesounds until finally Ember leaped at the leader's face, taking off achunk of his ear. The elk yelled in pain, his attention on the she-wolf.
Hertongue hung, almost in a mocking smile. She then turned and ran intothe woods with the leader following him. Mist panted as Vincent stoodwatching at where they vanished then heard a long howl telling them shechose the elk hiding behind the tree, it was ill and had a twistedankle.
Mist nipped at Vincent's ear leading him towards the tree.
Themajority of the herd had disappeared into trees, making the meadowsomewhat quiet except for the snarls of Ember growing more and moredistant.
Before the male wolves stood the shivering elk, ears backand favoring it rear leg. An obvious sign of injury, it was amazing theelk herd didn't leave her behind.
Mist flattened to the ground oncemore, ears forward, and body motionless except for his legs. Vincetrailed beside him, not needing to look at the gray wolf for a guide,he knew what to do now. Mist soon stopped loping towards the femaleelk, he had no reason to. He smelt the confidence boosting within thebrown wolf beside him and allowed Vincent to take the kill.

Vincent growled, his posture certain and strong.
Hesaw his vision becoming clearer as he was closer to the elk. He smeltits beating heart, its rapid lungs trying to gain air. He heard everycrick and inch its bones made, itching to escape but was toofrightened. Its black eyes begged to live but Vincent's stomach wasmore demanding than the animal.
Vincent was beyond reasoning. Hefelt the power surge through his legs, the immense electricity ripplehis muscles and give him strength. His teeth burned with the primalurge to taste blood, his growls growing louder.
Finally,when hefigured he was in leaping distance, the large wolf soared towards theelk, jaws wide open as he crashed down on the wounded prey. Fangs brokeskin, blood stained his fur as he tilted his head to the right, histeeth locked, hearing the snap of bones. The elk fell lifeless, Vincentstood over the beast his paws almost as large as the elk's head. He ranhis tongue along his jowls, savoring the taste, feeling the true powerof a wolf.

Another howl came from the forest, Ember emerged unscathed, as she joined her brothers near the slain elk.
Bothbrother and sister didn't take one bite from the meal, it was Vincent'sright to take the first bite, it was after all, his kill.
Vincent gorged on the intestines and once they heard the gushing sounds of his chewing, Mist and Ember began to eat.
Aftera while the heard a loud lumbering in the direction ahead of them.Three wolves lifted their heads. muzzles dripping with blood, as theysaw a looming figure of a bear approach them.


+Escape From it All+

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WolfBound Act IV
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