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 WolfBound Act VI

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PostSubject: WolfBound Act VI   WolfBound Act VI Icon_minitimeSat Oct 09, 2010 1:06 am

Two days have passed since the large brown wolf with human-like blueeyes decided to live with Fae, the human he had made his determinationto make his one day. For those two days Vincent had padded by her sideto learn all that he could about her, interested in everything that shedid.
He had learned that she doesn't do a lot of politics, leaving it to her uncle.
She actually didn't do a lot of the decisions that a princess would be taught, and Vincent knew the reason why.
Howevershe did read, and practiced writing everyday. He even caught herdrawing trees and other plant life, her sketches almost as real lookingas the piece of earth in front if them.
And she always improved hersinging, saying she wasn't pleased with it, but Vincent was certain shehad no need to practice, her voice already spun out of what the angel'shad merely dreamt of.
She would sing almost every second throughout the day either practicing to hit a particular note,
or memorizing a song that her tutor had required her to have drilled in her head by the end of each week.
Vincent didn't know what this was used for, but figured he would know in a couple days and bided his time.
Thetwo close friends still played in the darkness, just outside of thecastle in the tress behind it. They would enter the building once themidnight bells would ring.
Fae had no fear in the woods, she had a wolf who protected her and she found solace within that.
Whenthey would go to bed, Vincent would lie on the stone floor at her feetwith ears constantly alert for her protection. He would sit by her sidewhen she would eat and when no one was looking she would slide him achicken leg or something to that effect. Vincent would be starving butwould only leave her side to go out and hunt when he knew her maidswould be by her side for a while. He would never leave her alone,especially with her uncle who the brown wolf had grown to bitterly hate.
Faehad confessed to Vincent that he would beat her if she questioned orargued with anything that displayed she was challenging him, therefore,the wolf hadn't left her side.
He'd heard the uncle, his grayingfrayed hair and soulless eyes, insult his niece, the rightful heir withan aggressive tone that the wolf would stand. He would bristle his furand growl gently the "king."
Fae would calm the wolf down and the uncle would hush himself.
Thefeeling was mutual with the uncle. He despised the scrutinizing andintelligent look behind the wolf's eyes. It spooked the King. He wantedmore than anything to had the wolf beheaded and mounted on his wall,but the wolf was so large!
The King was uncertain if his guards could tame such a wild beast successfully.
So, the King allowed the wolf to stay, until he had a better plan to rid of the giant wolf.

Another day had passed and Princess Fae and the wolf awoke together.
Both stretched and as if on cue, three maids entered the room with fancy clothes and readying to do make-up and hair.
Fae's emerald green eyes became puzzled, drizzling with a fog of questions.
"What's the occasion?" she joked with her maids as she stood, straightening her hair.
"A celebration," murmured one of the young women, with dark freckles on her smooth face.
"Forwhat?" asked Fae as she cupped the lady's chin like a mother would. Faewas fair to any of her servants, and even kinder to the villagers,leaving small bags of gold outside of their doors after her walk in thewoods a couple times a month.
The maids shrugged.
"The King had us flogged for asking," replied one of the maids.
Fae understood instantly. And they would get flogged again if she didn't show.
The princess nodded. "Right. Well, get me ready. I'll repay you for your bravery ladies."
Themaids made a deep bow and set to work. Vincent turned his head to giveprivacy, although it was tempting to see the full view of her body, heremembered he was a prince and a gentlemen, it was polite to not look.
Through the wolf's and the girl's head they wondered what the celebration was for.

Thatnight the princess and the wolf swept their way to the grand hall.Before them lay a long wooden table, all thirty-five seats were filledof men stuffing their faces with food and making dirty jokes of thewomen in their lands. These were dukes, lords, and noblemen who theking owned within his territory.
Fae's uncle sat at the head,sipping wine and laughing, his graying mustache stained with thealcohol and chunks of food knotted within the hair.
Fae found the site atrocious and suddenly trembled, her bravery wavering.
Vincentwas disgusted, even a wild wolf was cleaner than these "gentlemen." Heglared at the King although the old man was too far to notice, his eyesnot as sharp as the wolf's.
Fae set a cold hand on Vincent's back and she felt stable again, feeling her courage renewed with him by her side.
"Wolf, stay by my hip. I do not like being in a room of forty men. They could get unruly," Fae whispered her request.
Theblue-eyed wolf was already promising her before she asked, he didn'ttrust a single one of these.Where were their wives? Women could preventchaos from growing around a bunch of immature superiors.
The Kingsaw that his fair appearance niece had entered, his eyes widening ingreed and anticipation as she elegantly made her fluid walk towardshim, her master and her owner. Even if she didn't know it yet, she washis property. Nothing but an item on a shelf.
"Ah! So relieving to know you joined us dear Fae!" greeted the King in a shockingly happy manner.
Faefigured it was because all of his guests, and he was drunk withexcitement as well as intoxicated. Vincent thought otherwise, there wasalways a catch to that type of men.
"Before you eat my niece, ourguests would love to hear that harmonic voice of yours. Please sing usa song before you eat and ruin it by gargling food," he stated with analmost fake cheery tone.
Fae's eyes scanned the men, most of themshe had seen during her past performances. Singing every Friday nightfor the village and for visitors from afar.She turned back to heruncle,her eyes large and pleading. She wished not to sing in front ofthem, their faces hungry it scared her.
Her uncle responded with a harsh glare, the fireplace across from him smoldering in his eyes.
The wolf was clearly aware and growled, exposing his claws and even flashed the king his white fangs.
Themen quieted almost instantly realizing they were in company of a beastand without waiting for a breath shouted in anger, demanding the wolfto be removed, to be killed before he killed them.
Fae crumbled to her knees she hugged the wolf's muscular neck, imploring that her uncle he stay alive.
The King waved his hand and all chaos dimmed in the dining hall.
"The...beast shall stay, since my niece will sing us a wonderful song." His eyes glinted.
Faeunderstood then and returned to her proud stance, like royalty, shestraightened her back, pulled back her shoulders, and made her faceemotionless. The wolf rubbed against her legs, letting her know that hewas always by her side.
"Howabout a song about war?" she asked the men, her voice thick now with it's native accent of Irish origins.
The men smirked, laughed, and agreed with her.
And she began:

And come, tell me Sean O'Farrell, tell me why you hurry so?
"Hush a bhuachaill[1], hush and listen", and his cheeks were all aglow,
"I bear orders from the captain:- get you ready quick and soon
For the pikes must be together by the rising of the moon"
By the rising of the moon, by the rising of the moon,
For the pikes must be together at the rising of the moon

"And come tell me Sean O'Farrell where the gath'rin is to be?"
"In the old spot by the river, quite well known to you and me.
One more word for signal token:- whistle out the marchin' tune,
With your pike upon your shoulder, at the rising of the moon."
At the rising of the moon, at the rising of the moon
With your pike upon your shoulder, at the rising of the moon.

Out from many a mud wall cabin eyes were watching through the night,
Many a manly heart was beatin, for the blessed morning light.
Murmurs ran along the valleys to the banshee's lonely croon
And a thousand pikes were flashing by the rising of the moon.
By the rising of the moon, by the rising of the moon.
And a thousand pikes were flashing by the rising of the moon.

All along that singing river that black mass of men was seen,
High above their shining weapons flew their own beloved green.
"Death to every foe and traitor! Whistle out the marching tune."
And hurrah my boys for freedom; 'tis the rising of the moon".
Tis the rising of the moon, tis the rising of the moon
And hurrah my boys for freedom; 'Tis the rising of the moon".

Well they fought for poor old Ireland, and full bitter was their fate,
Oh what glorious pride and sorrow, fills the name of ninety-eight!
Yet, thank God, e'en still are beating hearts in manhood burning noon,
Who would follow in their footsteps, at the risin' of the moon
By the rising of the moon, By the rising of the moon
Who would follow in their footsteps, at the risin' of the moon.

Themen clapped, roaring with cheers of really knowing the full potentialof her voice. Maintaining her stone face, Fae made a curtsy and stoodagain,waiting for her uncle to give her permission to eat.
However the King made no such notion and stood himself, tapping his wine glass with his fork.
Once again, the superiors of the land became silent and listened.
"Asyou know, for a few years now my beautiful sister and brother-in-lawdied of an illness. I have been a king for a while and feel that Ican't handle the responsibility on my own and alone. I do get solonely." Vincent felt distaste in his mouth at the man's word of alone.
Continuing, the King finally concluded, "Which is why I have decided to make Fae my wife after this weekend."
The men applauded.
Vincent and Fae stood stunned.
Fae felt her eyes prickle with tears.
The wolf felt his blood boil, not another loved on would be taken.
"Wonderful choice, Your Majesty!"
"I do hope I'm invited, Sire!"
"You always keep us guessing, Your Royal Majesty!"
Faefelt her mind spiral, her breathing became quick as everything flashedbefore her. Before she knew it the room was tilting and all she saw inher view was a beautiful man with blue eyes.

+Escape From it All+

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WolfBound Act VI
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