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 Atra Lupus De'Sousa

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Once Bitten Committed

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PostSubject: Atra Lupus De'Sousa   Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:12 am

This is for Atra Lupus De'Sousa and my history from the game I use to play him with this may add as I've still yet to finish with my character on that server but this is just a basic back ground and a lot of more in depth stuff has happened

He was born in to an organization known as the 'Order' being a secret covert group that fought aliens known as nomads which seek the destruction of the human race in their regions of space with the Order being the main resistance to that, the Order also made hits on people that were working with the nomads or infected by them. often though humans had to much morality and attachment to there own kind and the more grown up ones were not committed to killing those they had to often resulting in more then they were worth for the training, with the organization getting restless the 'Delusion division' started creating genetic abominations with a DNA they were not familiar with it being completely foreign in the structure. They had only three full successes with the DNA provided being of a long dead race now known as the Umbra Venators or known as Shadow hunters.

The first one of these full successes didn't come untill the sixth subject where he was more suited as one of the best strategists within the group being trained and tutored to beyond what they had hoped, he wasn't that well trained in combat but there next success came in the twins known as seventeen and thirteen. these were raised together and grew up with playing with each other meaning they were inseparable until a few events happened.

Seventeen being the male where as thirteen was the female. Seventeen known here as Atra, Atra was more the physical in personality but this was because he was always more of a touching and physical contact person. With this in mind he was put more into the physical combat sort of situation where he excelled at the arts of all combats involving hand to hand and weaponized combat, his favorite being the short sword as they were concealable. for ranged combat he preferred throwing blades, pistols and assault rifles in which he also excelled at all the other weaponry he only moderatly did to the satisfactory standard that was expected from him.

He was trained to be an assassin and did so becoming the best from the Order being his main strengths being in agility and reactions rather then being in strength, he believe that being mainly focused on being strong is to be to blunt and that elegance would be better suited and more effective if he was faster rather then stronger then his opponent which proved to be right in many ways, after the first years of his birth at the age of seventeen he was split from his twin which was number thirteen given that together they were growing to me to soft and moral being that the Delusion division wanted cold and calculating.

He escaped soon after his twins disappearance putting their training to good use. He escaped from the Order basing where he set out into other leading systems to escape them and start to find his sister but this never happened as his ship was shot down and taken aboard by Bounty hunters, he was later sold to a 'Junker' captain who brought him as a Slave and where he earned the brandishing. He was a Gladiator or at least a version of them as they would fight hand to hand and till the death. it wasn't until one day where the engineer feared something and let him loose on the ship in exchange for his wife's and his safety, the Captain of the vessel was saved the last to die.

A few years he stayed with the people known as 'Outcasts' who were a group of people dependent on the drug known as Cardamine which had genetically altered there DNA structure and although it gave them longer life it also ruined there futility rate meaning it was rare for them to have a child. Atra had met a woman there and had in a way fallen in love with her and had his sister with him again. (where the ring comes from) but after a while of that he was to have a child on the way along with his sister and another female of the family they had formed but that is when the Order had come back for them.

After the Order was done there pack was gone either killed or missing with thirteens child lost and Seventeen also apprehended they dragged them back to the Order where Seveteen helped Thirteen escape but at the cost, Seventeen was taken back to the Orders home planet being escorted across land he tried to make a break for it but was shot and injured badly where his first 'Death hibernation' occurred making him loose his memory. After thirty years of being in the hibernation he came out of it and was picked up by a thermal reading from one of the rookie teams of the Delusion Division at which point they believe that the project was long dead.

He trained in the Order once again but this time in space warfare and combat, excelling in the areas of Fighter Combat, Cruiser Combat and Battleship Combat. He was known as one of the prodigies of the Orders might and was promoted to the ranking of Commodore in less then a year, where he was one of the few people most of the men looked up to which most were under the impression he was sixteen until soon after his Seventeenth birthday he disappeared again. This was all due to his sister finding him again and becoming his priority in his life again being that she to him was always more of value to him then his own life. during his time in the Order he was captured by the Bounty hunters and Liberty Security force and tortured for information, he never really held it against them but he wasn't exactly friends with them.

During the years on the run from the order, a group known as the Phantoms who were a terrorist type of organization as where they served people that they believed that were there 'dark' masters, they tortured him beyond what he could have expected from any living being and tried to break him and through the month of torture he didn't crack until they used his sister as leverage at which point before even a blade could be placed near her he broke and gave into what they wanted from him, which was his service and loyalty to the Phantom Empire.

He spent a year of doing there work and killing innocent people being that no one matter more to him then his sister but after a year or such he met a old friend which was of the nomad race where he was liberated from there control and had his sister back at which point he fled to the Bretonian Kingdom where he served under the Armed forces to both protect them from the Phantoms and a force known as the Gallic's for a few years he served in this before the modifications to his flag ship. The Umbra Venator was out fitted for a long space flight to move from the humans sectors and leave them to their was at which they had never been a part of. The Phantoms were persistent in making sure they never got the freedom and attacked the ship in the depths of space with a force exual to what he had being that he had most of his ships under AI control of three Main AI's 'Leo' 'Jim' 'Vic' with the defence a success they moved along but one phantom was more out for blood and this was subject fourteen being one of the flawed ones of his kind being only 21 test subjects that lasted beyond the twenty four hour period.

Through the years Bane pursued Atra until he reached the sector known as Sol. this is where Atra nad Bane faced off and in a desperate act Bane hooked onto Atra dragging him down into the planet below where the ship 'Umbra Venator' sat on the edge of the space holding very few people one of them being subject thirteen. Now Seventeen known as Atra is trapped on this planet seeking revenge but there is but one problem he will never be able to remember what happened and be for ever stuck with the feeling that hes missing something. with the ring still on his finger and the marks to prove his past though this all meant nothing as they were just a part of him and he was now learning to adpet to the environment.
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Atra Lupus De'Sousa
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