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 A romantic night for two.(male and female plz)

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PostSubject: A romantic night for two.(male and female plz)   Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:12 pm

Packing the rest of my stuff i heard my cousin Greg call"HEYhris did you get every thing all right?" Laughing I say steadily "Yeah I got it, and by the way, have you seen my pills? You know, for my shifting into my werewolf form?" He looked blankly at me as in a "I dont know what the hell your talking about" look. After a few, He replyed, "I believe that you've put them in your bag already" I give a low growl and begin to huff through my bags only to find my pills sitting by my feet. I growl again leaning over to pick them up. My plans were to go out on a months trip into the snowy mountains. I was lonely, having not had a girlfriend since my last relationship with Destinee and then my ex boyfriend Benjamin. Greg called to me " H ey, you think you'll see Destinee again up there?" He didnt know how mcuh that hurt to think about. Slinging my bags over my shoulders and putting them in my red and black mustang, I replyed " I sure hope not, you dont know how much she'd hurt me. Leaving me for some...some...blood sucker." With that Greag grabbed his already packed stuff, slung them into my car and looked deep in my eyes. He was a gorgeous man, and very passionate to people he cared about. "Listen Chris, I wanna go with you to the mountains. I never went and i thought it would be pretty cool." Staring in his eyes i said Fine after a few minutes.----Driving for 7 hours finally r3eaching the cabin, still the way Destinee and I had left it 3 Years ago, still smelled of her perfume,of my calogne and smelt of Benjamin. Long nights and parties till 4 am hadnt faded way......
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A romantic night for two.(male and female plz)
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