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 Who Cried Wolf? Page 2

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PostSubject: Who Cried Wolf? Page 2   Who Cried Wolf? Page 2 Icon_minitimeSun Nov 14, 2010 4:01 am

I'm sorry if I confused you, it's just the thing is I'm confused myself.
I run through the confines of my mind, trying to find a balance of rhyme and reason. Some kind of answer to this nightmare!
Yet, I can't find anything.
I'm back to square one, stepping on the finest tips of my toes to not wake the beast.
Ican't believe it's real...the scary stories told around a campfire tokeep us children in our beds were actually real, the boogeyman beneathyour bed is only inches away to gnaw on your feet, to tear out yourheart when you least expect it and gobble it whole.
And what's evenstranger--something that will probably never make sense to anyone norI--was that you allow it, you let it happen.
This could be due to fear--
--Or it could be that you trusted them, like I had..and i still trust him.

I sigh, allowing my chest to express my distraught.

Okay, now you're probably very confused.
Letme start from the beginning, let me warn you before you trust him orher...before you sign away your soul just to see them happy.
I will say that when I saw him it wasn't cold or frightening..it was bliss when I saw him, when I trusted him.


Recalling now, my memories became clear as I begin to tell you the start of my greatest mistake.
Iremember--clearly--that it was a summer night, there were lights hungaround the town I had moved on the outskirts of, tiny and bright, butthere were hundreds of them. The wind was not a concern, only a minimalamount really breezed through the small town. I had enjoyed it anywaybecause above me the lights bounced in a sporadic array, not in tunewith each other, reminding me of fireflies. Because of the depth of thedark night sky it would play tricks on my eyes, the lights that woulddance sometimes seemed closer and I would make a fruitless effort totry and catch one.

But I would laugh at myself and continuestrolling down the street, high upon my horse for four years, Jekyll.He was an Appaloosa, only fifteen hands high with a light brown as hisbase color. Except, for the white splotches randomly placed around hisbody. His face was lit up as a star, carrying the white mask of anaturally made spot, as on his rear were speckles of white. Even hismane held some flecks of white despite the snow that clung onto eachstrand. He walked at ease, the air crisp enough to see his breath everytime he exhaled. Jekyll was a beautiful horse and I lovedhim. Clutching onto his reins and gave it some slack so he could lowerhis head and relax as we smoothly hoofed around town. I leaned down andhugged his thick neck, burying my face in his mane, smelling the scentsof grain, barn, and the field surrounding my house. Jekyll grinded histeeth, embarrassed. He wasn't too keen on affection in public but whenwe were on the farm he was a big baby.

I rolled my eyes as we left marks in the snow behind us.
Ihad a license, a vehicle, and knew how to drive but Jekyll had becomemy closest companion since I rescued him from a neglectful farm a fewyears back. I usually rode him to town whereas I used my car for longdistance places. Besides, it was almost christmas, only a few moreweeks and Jekyll liked seeing the town decorated at this time ofyear--as did I.
Ahead of us I saw the general store and figured I would get something to warm up my hands and I would grab Jekyll some treats.
Igently tapped his sides with my heels and dug my feet into thestirrups. Jekyll's ears fanned ahead, alert and listening to my body,then making his reaction. He picked up his pace and at a smooth trot,we glided up to the store. I dismounted, sliding off the right side andtying his reins to a bike post. Jekyll wouldn't tug and run away norwould he let anyone get on his back without bucking them off. Eversince the previous farm he was at, I was the only person he knew andthe only one who had ever rode him. He only knows me and my movements,he didn't like how other people felt on him so he would fight untilthey get off him.
I didn't mind, I took it as a compliment and went inside.
I bought me some hot cocoa and a small box of sugar cubes, Jekyll's favorite.

I went outside and gave him a couple, laying my hand flat as Jekyll took them, tickling my palm.
I took a sip of my drink, savoring how it warmed my throat and felt it make its way to my stomach.
I smiled at my friend and untied his reins.
I was about ready to put my foot in the stirrup and heave myself onto his back when I heard someone call my name.
"Eboni!Hey Eboni!" It was a deep voice, sounding somewhat close behind mefilled with excitement. I knew whoever it was, was actually referringto me since Eboni isn't a popular name.
Obediently, the reins tightin my hand, I turned around and saw a tall man make his way to me. Helooked familiar but nothing came to my mind immediately. He had shaggy,dark brown hair, the clearest blue eyes, and a shade of tan. I staredat the face as he came towards me, taking in the details of his facialhair, his flushed cheeks from being out in the cold, and yet nothingjumped to mind. Maybe he was a client I had a long time ago?
"Oh mygod, it really is you," he said, continuing with the etches of a youngboy hidden in his tone. He was really happy to see me apparently.
I kept staring, my face probably just as blank as my mind was.
"Do you...remember me?" he asked, coming towards me.
Jekyll nickered behind me, his hooves stepping in anxiousness.
Ishook my head. I grinned and laughed, trying to appear apologetic whenreally I wanted to leave. He was making my horse nervous and I didn'twant Jekyll to start a scene. "Sorry sir, my memory is horrible. Didyou hire me once to train your horse? You do look familiar to me."
Hischeeks twitched, his clear blue eyes lost their shine. He really wastall, and beneath the coat he wore, rippling muscles were very wellvisible.
"I-It's me, Ebs. Nicholas," he introduced himself.
Nicholas?Was it really? I recounted the appearance of him and he lookedcompletely different. His hair was darker, he was taller, his voicedeeper but his eyes were the same. The blue color still held thefriendly boy behind them.
"Oh my! Nicholas?!" I couldn't help thegrin that widened, my cheeks blushing, and sent my heart hammering. Mychildhood friend who had up and disappeared had returned.

Releasingthe reins--Jekyll wouldn't leave--I ran over and pounced on him,reaching my arms around his neck and gave him a warm embrace. My, hehad really gotten tall. I couldn't even stand on my tippy toesto reach around his neck. He was broader, his shoulders vast. My cheekbrushed his, the stubs of whiskers rough and yet he was so warm. Thiswas Nicholas, my high school crush that I never found out if I hadgotten over.
He returned the hug, tightening around my waist. He made me feel petite with his strong arms looped around me.
Welaughed and then we drifted apart, setting once again, a distancebetween us. My heart was rampaging in my chest, the air warmer suddenly.
"Oh my gosh it's been centuries!" I joked. "How have you been?"
"Iknow, it's been a long time. I'm doing great, was passing through anddecided to stay at a motel here for a couple days. I didn't expect tosee you here," stated Nicholas, the glimmer returning to his eyes. Hethen let his eyes scan our surroundings, my horse, the rubber boots Iwore, the small town with hardly any traffic, registering everything.
He then chuckled.
"Nevermind, I should have," he said.
I blushed. He remembered how I had wanted to move far from the city, live on a farm, and have a business of some kind.
"How long have you lived here?" he asked, trying to make conversation.
I didn't care, I was just so excited to see a face from long ago..I hadn't seen anyone since graduation.
"Aboutfive years," I replied, "its a nice town. And if you're looking for anice motel to stay at, then recommend that one." I pointed across fromus, there was a restaurant that served good food but had a small motelbehind them. "First place i stayed at when I moved here. They're verysweet people, just an old couple who run the place and they keep it ingreat condition."
Nicholas smiled. "Thanks."
Behind us, Jekyll stomped his hoof and snorted.
Igiggled nervously. "Sorry, Jekyll doesn't like staying in one place fortoo long. He's probably getting hungry too." I turned to soothe thegelding, kissing his nose.
"Wow, a horse. What's his breed?" Nicholas continued asking.
"Appaloosa. Appy for short. And he's the most spoiled horse on this planet," I pointed out, scratching his mane.
Jekyll shook his head, ears flopping.
I rolled my eyes, he was arguing with me.

Nicholasdidn't step anywhere near Jekyll but at the time I didn't think to askwhy. Instead he nodded in my direction and said, "Well, i'll be herefor a couple days, would it be alright if we went out sometime? Catchup?"
I smiled. "Of course. I would like that."
"When would be a good time?" His eyes glinted mischievously.
Ipondered for a moment. "Tomorrow night would be good. There's a Mexicanrestaurant just down the street, owned my a small family and their foodis amazing."
Nicholas winked and said, "See you tomorrow night then. Thanks for the tip." He then took off for the motel.
Ithad been seven years since I had seen anyone since high school, and itjust happened to be my longest crush back then. I wanted desperately tobe his friend again and was a little afraid that I would make myselflook like a fool tomorrow night, but this was my town, I was confidentand mature. I can handle this, besides it's not a date or anything.Just a little reunion with an old friend.
I hopped on Jekyll's back, my drink cool but I still drank it.
I turned my back on the motel where Nicholas was staying at, unaware that he was watching me go.

To be continued...

+Escape From it All+

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Who Cried Wolf? Page 2
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