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 Who Cried Wolf? 5

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PostSubject: Who Cried Wolf? 5   Who Cried Wolf? 5 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 07, 2010 2:48 am

Who Cried Wolf? Page 5

The remainder of the day Nicholas and I played in the pasture. Hechased me, keeping his pace steady and neutral. I used my energyquickly, draining it almost instantly as we ran trying to keep out ofhis grip. Guess you could say I was playing a little of hard-to-get.
I relished the attention he gave me. It was perfect and felt right coming from him.
We ran through the rolling slopes in the field, and swept between the herd of horses I cared for.
They shook their heads and grunted, trotting away from us and our loud voices.
All the time, I couldn't stop laughing my cheeks blushing and it wasn't just from the cold of the snowy day.
Ipassed by Jekyll, my beautiful spotted horse, and reached out for him.He turned his head and galloped across the field as I felt a harshpressure pummel me to the ground. The impact to the frozen earth didn'thurt for a strong arm kept me from harming myself too badly. I rolledwith the sudden weight on me, until we landed on flat ground, sinkinginto the white snow.
I laughed realizing it was Nicholas and kissed the tip of his nose.
I thought I saw his eyes flash yellow but I'm pretty sure it was because of the lighting of the sun above us.
At that time I was too naive to think otherwise.
Iwas beneath him, he had his arms on either side of me pinning andpreventing me from escaping to continue playing with him. My hairspilled out behind me. Nicholas's eyes snapped to my hair, allattention quickly averted as he dug his nose into the strands sniffingdelicately.
Slowly, I felt his head lower to my ear and nibble on the skin.
I giggled for it tickled tremendously, soon after shaking with a reveling feeling that he had growled so slightly in my ear.
I turned my head, finding his lips right where I needed them--right in front of me.
I kissed them, taking my arms and wrapping them around his mighty neck bringing him closer til he was lying on me.

"Eboni..." he said in a low whisper, kissing my cheeks.
"Nicholas...I'mso happy with you. I missed you so much after all these years," Iconfessed before I could stop them from tumbling out.
My Nicholassmiled, a genuine curl of his lips that made my chest thunder. "I'mvery happy with you. I wish I was man enough back then to ask you out."
Feelingthe flakes of snow melt against my scalp I realized I was lying insnow! I lightly pushed him off of me, quivering against the cold andrubbing the back of my head to warm it up. I took his hand with my freeone and we headed back to my house. I was a little thirsty and could gofor some hot chocolate while sparking up the fireplace.
As we crunched through the snow, I replied, "Well it looks like you're man enough now." I gave him an impish grin.
He rolled his eyes. "I was plenty man back then--you were too...blocked."
"Blocked?" I laughed purposely in his face. "Excuses, excuses."
"I'm serious," he snickered deeply, his laugh sliding perfectly into my ears, as if I was meant to hear it.
"You had six years to come up with something and that is the best you can do?" I quirked a brow before concluding, "I like it."
He squeezed my hand and I leaned against his arm.
"I really have missed you Ebs," he said.
"As I you," I told him, giving him a soft peck on the lips.

Aswe approached the gate to exit the pasture, Jekyll was standing infront of it with his head lowered to disguise he was munching on thepebbles of chicken food but I noticed his brown eyes wearily onNicholas. Around his iris was a ring of red, of rage? I couldn't tell.Nicholas slowed to a stop releasing my hand as his gaze was fixed onthe appaloosa, a steely stare that made me shiver. Something was goingon between Jekyll and Nicholas, my two favorite men and I wouldn'tstand for it.
I walked right up to Jekyll and gestured him to getout of our way, I knew the stance Jekyll was displaying. I had learnedabout it in my studies, some horses did it to show an opponent achallenge for dominance, over territory, over females--whatever itcould be.
For some reason, Jekyll didn't approve of Nicholas and itached in my chest. However I made my face a mask and tried shooing himaway back into the field. He shook his head, snorting and still glaringat Nicholas.
"Jekyll, move. Go. It's okay, go!" I told him trying topush him away by his shoulders but the great gelding didn't budge aninch.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Nicholas begin to approach,to help me or to worsen Jekyll's worry, I'm not certain. However, oncehe took a couple steps towards us, Jekyll jerked up his head andflattened his ears against his head. His pupils became small as hestomped forward, proposing a fight to Nicholas.
Nicholas triedbacking off realizing the motion was a mistake, but I came to termsthat Jekyll could harm him I yelled at my horse to stop. The appaloosadidn't listen, ears still tightly flat to his head and trying to chargeNicholas away.
I searched for what I could do and saw a lead ropehanging in the stables just within my sight. I waved to Nicholas,hoping he saw my gesture, informing him to not get harmed for just alittle longer.
I ran over and looped the rope, then cautiouslyapproached Jekyll and flung the rope around his neck. He whinnied andreared, kicking his forelegs out at Nicholas.
Keeping my voice tomyself, I led the enrage horse to the stables,he calmed once herealized it was me and obediently walked by my side as if what justhappened never occurred. I placed him into his stall, removed the rope,and latched the door behind me.
My eyes only stared at my horse, mybeautiful gelding I had rescued years ago and developed a strong bondwith him. Now he was dangerous, he tried killing Nicholas. I shook myhead, breaking his pleading gaze from mine. I would deal with him later.

Afew minutes later Nicholas and I were in my house, my dogs stillupstairs not coming down once since Nicholas has been over. I wentupstairs and gave them food and water, surprised they didn't make amess on my floor--yet.
What was going on with my animals? They wereusually social and very kind. What Jekyll had done moments ago severelyshocked me, it made me take a double glance that my favorite Appy was adanger.
I apologized about Jekyll's behavior insistently to Nicholasas I heated up some hot chocolate. He kept waving it off but I wouldn'tlisten. I was too shaken up at what I saw, that I had to fight overcontrol when Jekyll was very obedient.
When Nicholas came behind meand cradled me in his arms I felt better and calmed down. I took abreath, closed my eyes, and leaned into Nicholas.
"Don't be too hard on him, Ebs," he told me tenderly in my ear a hiss faintly on the edges of his words.
"I'mso sorry Nicholas. I can't believe he did that. Jekyll never acts likethat. I'm so sorry." Tears stung my eyes. I didn't want him to see mecry, to see me vulnerable. I whirled around and buried my face in hischest, hiding my tears. I fought to keep my voice stabilized, Iwouldn't fall apart because of how Jekyll behaved. But, I felt betrayedand frightened that Nicholas almost got killed.
He held me tightly, sensing my tears, I don't know. I didn't care.
He kissed my hair and smoothed it back, cupping my head in his large hands like I was a child.

Closeto dusk, Nicholas said he had to leave. We were cuddling before thefireplace staying warm and cozy and the dogs finally padded down thestairs, lying on the couch behind us; snoozing. What lazy dogs.
"Aww why?" I asked, crestfallen.
Hesmirked almost like a thief. "I have a job. A job that requirescomputers and long hours in the night. I've been putting it off, I needto get it done."
I bit my lip. "I'll drive you back."
"Nah," he replied waving it off, "don't worry. I can walk."
"Nonsense! It's snowing, it's cold, and it almost dusk. Who knows what kind of weirdo's are out there at that time," I declined.
Nicholasrolled his clear blue eyes. "It's a town smaller than my hand, I'm aman and no one will mess with me, I promise everything will be okay."
I played with a lock of my hair, a habit I picked up whenever I get nervous. "Will you call me when you get back to the motel?"
"You promise?" My eyes lit up.
"Yes Ebs," he chuckled kissing my lips.
I walked him to the door as he put on his jacket.
"Don'tforget your promise," I told him before he trapped me with his barrierof arms. He pulled me close like the air compacted around us and stolea kiss from my lips. I wanted it back so I kissed him, fighting to havehim closer. We were gentle but he held onto me as if I was his lifeforce, that if he released me he would fall into a black abyss.
"I'llsee you tomorrow," he husked out as he turned away from me, leaving mewinded against the door frame forced to watch him walk away, snowflakesfalling around him.

An hour after Nicholas departed I had putthe animals away into their designated areas, fed them, gave themaffection with my two dogs by my side. I soon went inside, fed my dogs,and waited by the phone. Not once did it ever ring. I wanted to callthe motel, I wanted to drive down to see if he was okay, but I didn'twant to come off as the controlling girlfriend. I didn't want to scarehim away after finally gaining him.
All I could do was sit and wait.Waiting finally turned into sleeping. I slept until 3:00am when I heardstrange sounds coming from outside--coming from my stables.

To Be Continued...

+Escape From it All+

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Who Cried Wolf? 5
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