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 Who Cried Wolf? Page 6

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PostSubject: Who Cried Wolf? Page 6   Who Cried Wolf? Page 6 Icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 7:45 am

Who Cried Wolf? 6

After slipping on her shoes and her
shotgun from her weapons cabinet her father had given her when she had
decided to move out, Eboni held it close to her side. She had an
inkling that she would be leaving the house by herself, after glancing
at her dogs at the top of the stairs. They whimpered,with their tails
tucked between their legs however they walked down the stairs and
joined at her side. Astounded by their willingness to be brave, Eboni
took advantage of this and went outside. She made sure the dogs were
outside with her before she securely shut the door behind her.

sounds in the stables became apparent, a shuddering against the tin
walls and the excruciating sound of her horses whinnying. She heard
them snort, their hooves banging against their walls of the stalls. The
chickens were clucking wildly, feathers flying about as they flew
around her property out of distress. Eboni took a deep sigh and glanced
down at her dogs' brown eyes. They glimmered up to her as they brushed
past her, the fur along their spine spiking up as they began to growl.
No one messed with her animals.

prepared her shotgun on her shoulder, walking tentatively as she took
one step in front of the other. Never had she heard such terrifying
sounds coming from her barn. She had never had an encounter quite like
this, for she had traps for different sizes of animals on the outer
limit of her property so nothing disturbed the creatures she loved. The
snorting and moaning of the horses became louder and deafening the
closer she got. Eboni peered around her barn, looking for an entrance
of whatever had come in the night. She felt her armpits sweat, her
heart hammering though she tried to control it with even breaths.
inching towards the stables she began to dread what was inside when she
saw the back door which she would enter to feed them in the morning was
peeled open, the metal door thrown across the ground as the material
around the door was peeled back like a banana.
Her eyes widened as she felt her stomach drop.
Her dogs gave both whining and growling sounds at her side.
"Stay here you two," she whispered. "Stay."
dogs obeyed after being properly trained to know what she meant when
their owner said stay. However they also knew that at the first sign of
her distress, they would bound in there and protect her with all their

Leaving the company of her dogs and venturing into the
barn alone, Eboni began to tremble, her hold on the gun becoming
difficult. She swallowed and stepped through the doorway, wishing this
wasn't happening to her. She was only a woman, although she liked to
think she was as tough as any man, she subconsciously knew everyone had
their limits--hers was that like every other woman. Someone stronger
than you will be the victor. As her shoes stepped on hay she came
around one of the stalls, the gray horse in it going mad with worry and
fear. She buckled her knees and fell to the ground beside the stall,
crouching and sneaking along its wall as the horse reared and screamed.

peeked over the corner, feeling her head quiver against the stall, to
assess whatever enemy may be in her barn. She was expecting a bear or
at least a man trying to steal one of her horses but what lined with
her vision wasn't what she was expecting. Her green eyes became pale as
she lost the tempo to breathe for a moment as she saw a large hairy
creature, with almost a gray-black fur pattern. It was bent over as its
head shook from side to side, ripping at something. Eboni was unsure of
what it was doing since she could only see the backside but was able to
catch two long and pointed ears on top of its head, flopping around as
it shook its head.
Analyzing more of the situation, getting passed her horror, Eboni tried to see what the large creature was doing.
she saw made her eyes water suddenly as she was stricken with both
terror and disgust. Her stomach churned as her head began to swim in
circles. Her heart had stopped beating as she was faced with her worst
She saw the hind legs of a horse she recognized and once
the creature moved further down the horse to grab at more flesh she saw
the bloodied, and raw face her Jekyll.
His brown eyes were lifeless,
as he lied taking the monster to eat his flesh. Eboni felt her tears
sting as they began to stream down her cheeks. Her pride and joy, her
best friend, was being eaten. He had died minutes ago and if she wasn't
asleep, if she hadn't waited all night for Nicholas to call her, she
probably would've made it in time to save Jekyll.
She failed him, let him die between her fingers.
her eyes, she realized she had failed Jekyll, but she would save the
other horses if she could. They cried and wailed, calling for her help
as their eyes averted from the beast then to her, their large nostrils

Getting up, Eboni felt a rush of fury simmering in her blood.
She would avenge Jekyll and she would kill this beast.
Standing and coming out from behind the stall, she cocked her gun, the barrel pointed right at the ravenous creature.

creature paused, perking its head as its ears twisted in different
directions. Peering over its broad shoulder it had caught sight of
Eboni, her gun aimed right for its head.
The creature gave a low
guttural snarl, as it pulled back its blood stained lips to reveal
long, yellow, and dangerous fangs. Its mouth was tainted with Jekyll's
blood and it continued to disgust Eboni as she tried to push that
thought away.
The creature may be muscular but it was small and she could easily have it killed.
looked at its canine face, wondering if this animal was some kind of
rabid dog. Her mind then popped to Adam, was this the wolf he was
talking about?

Its yellow eyes glued onto Eboni as it registered
this gun she held was meant to kill it. The beast would have none of
this and rose onto his hind legs, as if it were meant to stand on
those. His ears brushed the top of the ceiling, arms spanning out at
its sides, continuing to give Eboni it's unearthly growls.
watched as the animal became taller and taller. She could hardly
comprehend that this creature was standing so effortlessly on its legs
as if it were human. It was huge and it had a lust to kill her now.
trembling worsened into an uncontrollable shiver. She could hardly
contain herself as she gazed upon the creature in true horror. Aiming
her gun higher, she hardly noticed her finger pull back the trigger as
the loud clap of the bullet shot from the nose of the gun and towards
the beast.
It hardly had time to dodge, the bullet piercing its arm.
Out of pain, the beast let out a loud roar, as it upturned its head
towards the sky which it could not see.
Glaring its soulless yellow
eyes back at Eboni, it wanted revenge now for the pain she had brought
it. Eboni cocked her gun and leveled to shoot again but the beast was
too fast, remembering this was kill or be killed.
It pinned her to
the floor, wrists beneath its wet and powerful hands. She lost grip of
her gun as it dropped from her hands and shot the bullet out through
the roof.
She yelped, not much prized on her ability to scream, as
she tried kicking the creature's stomach. It seemed to have no effect,
the abs as hard as iron.

Eboni gazed up with her eyes widening
her heart barely able to understand that this was the last thing she
was going to see before she died. She was going to die.
She thought
about her family, her animals, her friends, and she thought about
Nicholas. She would miss him where she was going to go and she wished
she could've had longer to be with him. All these years apart--she
wished she could go back in time to high school, she could've confessed
the love she didn't know she felt for him and maybe he wouldn't have
left. They would've stayed together, been with each other longer so she
could have more time with him.
Her eyes played the dream as the
beast sniffed along her form, its cold and wet nose brushing against
her neck, gently licked her racing pulse and gaped at her eyes.
The beast liked to take one last look into its victims eyes before it would take their life away, giving him strength.
it paused, hesitant to rip out this woman's throat like the weaker
being she was. It halted its growls as the wrinkles on its muzzle
receded. It saw the flash of dreams behind her eyes and saw that it
wanted to be apart of those dreams, to see her smile instead of
gripping at her fear.
The beast had some recognition with the woman, a name whispering through its head like a mist.

The beast realized it didn't want this.
Anything, but this.
stood, the bullet wound bleeding profusely, as it walked past the
ghostly Eboni and out the barn door, bringing its haunting howl into
the night...


+Escape From it All+

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Who Cried Wolf? Page 6
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