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 A kingdom doomed page 2

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A kingdom doomed page 2 Empty
PostSubject: A kingdom doomed page 2   A kingdom doomed page 2 Icon_minitimeSat Feb 26, 2011 7:11 pm

I woke up the next day thinking of him. I sighed and rolled out of bed. I went outside to see if I could see him but I couldn't he was usually waiting for me... Wait he took me why do I want to go see him I thought to myself and left and I went to walk into the market. I got greated by many people asking how I was doing. I would smile and say
"im fine thanks." I turned around the corrnor and saw some one following me. I turned around and asked "Why are you following me."
The man sighed and said "You weren't supose to see me... Your parents asked me to follow you to watch you." he was kind of cute. he looked only 2 or 3 years older then me. He had straight hair and brown eyes. He had a small amount of freckles that mad him look cute.
"Well" I said in a laugh. "If your keeping an eye on me why dont you do it while I shop" I said to him pulling him to my side. He didn't resist he just came. When he started walking with out me pulling I let go of his hand and just kept walking.
"So what do you normaly do besides body guarding" I asked him.
"Nothing much I work for my father in his black smiths" He told me with a shrug. "I would much rather be with you" He said and I blushed. "Hey come here with me" He said as he grabbed my hand and gently pulled me.
"Ok" I said running after him laughing. He brought me to the edge of town and I stopped. "Were no supose to go out of town" I told him worried.
"Its ok Its over by that tree right there ok" He asked me looking me in my eyes. I blushed slightly and nodded. He brought me out to the tree and then there were hands around me I tried to scream but I couldn't.I felt something sharp enter my skin then I slowly became unconscious and I felt myself fall into the arms of some one. I had a massive head ack after that when I woke up. I moaned and put my hand on my head.
I sat up and said "Oh great." This was really starting to get anoying. I walked up to the wood dorr and peared out expecting to see vampires. So what I saw shocked me. They were humans. I smiled to myself and backed up into the wall then with my half vampire strenght I busted through the door and began to run. I ran down the passage and then was stopped. I just couldn't move. I froze trying to run. "So you thought you could get away" Said a voice behind me. It mad my skin crawl. The man stepped out around me and looked at me. "You shouldn't have done that now you shall pay" Said the man. "Do what ever you want" I said suprised at how strong I sounded. "Ok then" He said motoning to some one. Then they brought around my body guard. I gasped and said "Dont touch him." He was looking at me with sad eyes and he said "Im sorry." He tilted his head down and I said "Its not your fault." Then the man said "Well boo hoo for you" and then he tilted his head to the side and some guys began to punch him. I yelled "Stop do what ever you want with me but leave him alone." I didn't know why I said it but i felt responsible. "Soryy princess but this is the only way we can make sure you dont try and leave." "I promise I wont leave please" I said tears coming to my eyes. He stopped his men and said "Rember princess." and with that I was free and I began walking back to my cell after I checked my body guard.

I sat in my cell thinking. How could that middle to late aged man have power to strop me? It wasn't possible. Was it? I have to think. I looked around the wooden room trying to figure out a way to get out then i heard noise. I saw a flash then heard grunting of a fight. I slowly got near the door and where i was close enough to touch it, it opened. "Hello, how are you" a fermilar voice and face asked me.
"Jake" I said happy to see him.
"Umm sire im sorry but i think we should skip the formalitys" the a female vampire said. She was the exact same one who stood outside my door when i was trapped by Jake.
"Your right" he said and he held out his arms for me. I hesitated a second before i went into his arms. he picked me up and began to run.
"Wait" I said as we were in the hall. "We forgot my body guard" I told him.
"My team told me he got out before we got here" he told me. I sighed and nodded. I didn't give myself time to think. We were out into the night sky after about 30 minuates. I was rushed staright to the hidden spot i was first bitten by vampires. I didn't like it but it was alot better than the other place.

"So i want to know. Who were thoughts guys and what did they want" I demanded from Jake after a much needed hug.
"There the one's trying to take over the kingdom" he told me pacing back and forth.
"Oh... what do we do about them" i asked him just watching him.
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A kingdom doomed page 2
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