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PostSubject: Taken by me   Taken by me Icon_minitimeTue Jul 26, 2011 4:48 pm

Chapter 1 Unexpected
Humans have taken over the world. Every animal that is not human has been locked away, killed, or experimented on. That’s why many people are scared because there have been recent animal sightings with no reason for them. Only a few certain hidden groups know the reason why there have been sightings.

A wolf the color of light gray mist hides inside the darkness of the woods at night. After a minute the wolf became an attractive young female with long black curly hair that extended down her back, skin the color in between ivory and tan, green eyes the color of a rain forest after the rain with golden specks that look like someone threw gold dust into her iris, and a shapely body with a height of 5”6. She had a tattoo on her chest right above her heart that said in Latin love all and be true to yourself, which was clearly visible by her pure white tank top, which made her look more tan then she really was. If you add on the white shorts she was wearing and the light by the full moon to anyone looking at her she would appear a ghost.
The female approached a white two story house, surrounded by millions of enchanting flowers, walking across a perfectly green yard and as quietly as possible lifted up a window in the house and slipped into the house through the opened window. She shut the window trying very hard to not make a sound.
“Alexandria Maria Haven, what do you think you were doing out so late at night” my mothers thunderous voice asked as she flipped on the light in the living room right after I shut the window.
“Hi mom” I said in a tight voice trying to act normal but I knew I was caught.
“Don’t you, hi mom, me! What were you doing out so late at night? Especial because you know there’s that wild animal out!” my mother said raising her voice to a roar. Never in my life had I ever thought some one in a robe could ever look even remotely scary but staring at my mother in her pink plush robe I knew I thought wrong. She looked as if even god himself couldn’t have been madder. As if death was a better place to be then to live with her thunder.
I sighed and sat down in one of the couches and looked into her eyes as I said “It was to hot in my room so I went for a walk.”
“You could have just turned up the AC!” my mom said still roaring as she looked back down at me putting her hands on her hips before she gave a sigh and I could tell the storm had settled for now. My mother was a single mom, running her dead husbands business. My mom was better running the business then she was at watching me. It probably doesn’t help when her daughter looks so much more like her dead husband. Unwanted memories and all I remind her of. Unlike me my mom had straight summer blond hair that only went down to her shoulders, plain summer tan skin, not as pretty as my own, pale blue eyes that were close to resembling a blind persons, a dainty body with small curves, and a height of only 5”5.But despite her size and looks she is very demanding and she has much authority over me and everyone else.
“I’m sorry mom, I’ll never do it again” I said tilting my head down to show her submission to her as I fed her my lie and I prayed it would work. Most of the time I got away with my lies because I was either really good at it or she didn’t know me well enough to tell I was lying. I was beating more on the second one. Even though I’m an okay liar she just hasn’t been around enough to really know me. Most of my childhood after my fathers death, when I was three, has been basically run by nanny’s. My mother had to take care of my fathers business or take a chance to become broke so she took the job. My fathers old business is to work for the government in some way. I don’t really know the details I just know for the government.
She seemed to buy into my lie. I heard her sigh and I looked up as I heard her walk away. She said “Get some sleep. We will talk about this later.” I suppressed a groan as I walked upstairs to my room. I knew we wouldn’t talk about it later. But that’s not what bothered me. What bothered me was that she was doing what she always did. Put family on the back burner because there’s something she didn’t want to deal with and she would burry herself in work for the next couple of weeks till she forgot it.
“Ugh, Cloy she just doesn’t understand” I said to my black and white, two year old full bread husky , that was just laying his head on his front paws, as I slammed the door to my room. I threw myself onto my soft black and white bed so that my legs and arms were over hanging the side and so my head was buried in a mountain of pillows. It was one of the best money could buy. It would be a lie if I said my mom was well of because my mom was probably one of the richest people in our city. She just choose to live how we do. Not flaunting all there money.
As I heard Cloy get up and walk over towards me I sat up and watched him as he placed his front paws onto the bed and tilted his head in a way that looked like he was asking me a question. I smiled at his expression and patted the bed motioning for him to jump onto the bed. He gave a yip and jumped onto the bed beside me and began licking me all over my face.
“Cloy” I said laughing as I tried to roll away from him. He gave another yip and laid down besides me resting his head on his front paws once more. I was still smiling as I reached over and rubbed the top of his black head. His coat was black on his head, paws, tail, and one spot on his back in the shape of a deformed circle and the rest of his coat was white. He also had amazing light green eyes that showed just how loving and mischievous he can be.
“Okay boy its time to go to sleep” I said checking the time on the clock sitting on my dark wood dresser. It read three thirty one in the morning.
“Wow” I said as I realized I had been outside since twelve this morning but it only felt like a minute had gone by. I knew I was more nocturnal then normal people. Then normal teenagers. But then again I wasn’t normal at all. Not when I could become a wolf at any time I wanted to. I gave a yawn as I got up from my bed and changed into a black tank top and baby blue boxers and crawled into bed and pulled the covers over me. Cloy laid next to me above the covers and once I got settled he laid his head onto of my flat stomach.
“Night Cloy” I told him as I closed my eyes. I heard a yip in the dark and I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

I awoke in the morning to find Cloy had left my bed and I could hear him outside chasing the birds. I smiled to myself and got dressed after I eat a break fest that consisted of toast, strawberry jam, I made myself, and cereal. I put on one of my few pairs of blue jeans that had rips in them on my thigh and shin, a black T-shirt with red ivy designs on it, black boots, and I even added some make up to touch up my appearance. The reason I had so little blue jeans, or jeans for that matter, is because of my mom. She lets me buy what ever, with her money, I want as long as its fancy like dresses, skirts, or dress pants. If I wanted anything different she would make me use my own money or else I couldn’t get it.
“Alex” Rebecca called to me as I locked my house up. She was driving in her new expensive foreign car. Every time I see her she has a new car. Or close to every time I see her. This time it was a red Ferrari. Unlike my family Rebecca’s family didn’t mind showing of their wealth. It’s like they lived of other peoples jealousy vibes. Rebecca’s family was close to one of the top ten famous families on this side of the world.
“Hey Becca” I said calling her, her nickname. Becca was pretty, but she was like all these other people in Florida. She was skinny thanks to her fast metabolism, she could eat chocolate cake all day and she wouldn’t gain anything. In fact she might lose some weight. Besides her just being skinny she also had the wavy summer blond hair that was total natural, dark brown eyes, a nice summer tan even though it was only spring, and a body that would stop guys dead in their tracks if they caught a look at her. She has a very curvy body and a height of 5”6.
“You ready for school yet” Becca said asking me a question she asked me almost ever day.
I laughed and said “Becca for one, no matter how many times you ask me that question I will never be ready for school, and for two, school is almost over in a couple weeks.” She just laughed at my answer and made a move with her hand to tell me to hope onto the car. I sighed and smiled at her as I hoped into the car through the open window.
“You know they created doors for a reason” she said as she shook her head side to side . I just beamed a smile at her and said “Just drive.” She listened to me for once.
We arrived at school ten minutes before the bell. She slide into her normal parking spot because no one ever dared steal her spot. There was one time when a freshman female thought she would take Becca’s spot and Becca wouldn’t stand for it. Long story short becca publicly humiliated the girl to were she dropped out of school. No one messes with Becca and gets away with it.
I got out of the car just as Becca was being surrounded by sluts she calls friends. Becca was part of them. She was there queen bee of sorts. They complimented her Paris fashion today. She had on a pair of black trap high heels that look like there coiled around her feet, a black Paris hat, a white T-shirt with black lines running up and down it, and plain white shorts that extend down to her knees. Becca laughed and said that they were old even though she bought them only yesterday on her trip to Paris.
I rolled my eyes and walked away from the car. Even though Becca and I were friends that didn’t mean I didn’t think she couldn’t be a slut. I mean she wears a lot of make up, more then she needs to, she’s head cheerleader, and she’s slept with almost everyone on the football team, soccer team, and basketball team as well as half the male body in the school.
I walked through the plain mid night blue hall way of Countess Private High School for the rich. I added on the part about this school only being for the rich because it was open to anyone who could afford its outrages prices. That’s why I say this school is for the rich because only the rich could afford it. After this year I have just one more of this hell house then I’m free. I smiled at that little bit of knowledge.
CPHS had walls the color of plain midnight blue with black trim, two stories, a huge forest behind the grounds, three big lakes with fences around them, a big yard, and the building was as long as maybe two football fields combined and as wide as one football field.
I repress a sneer as CPHS’s own football captain Mathew, biggest jerk ever, walked towards me with his posse of other football jerks. They cornered me and I gave a very low growl in the back of my throat, that was to low for them to hear. It was dangerous to corner wolves. I gave Mathew a dangerous smile and asked in an innocent tone “What do CPHS’s finest jerks want with me.”
One of the bulky idiots to Mathew’s right smiled at me and said “You mean CPHS’s finest jocks?”
“No I meant jerks” I said turning my dangerous smile towards him. He looked as if I had slapped him which I had seriously considered before. My mom wouldn’t stand for it though. Mathew’s father worked with my mom. He was her second in command.
“Hey Nick chill man” Mathew said over to the bulky one off to his right eyeing his friend weirdly. Nick looked like he wanted to rip my head of. I just smiled at him as I flipped my hair slapping him with it in his face as I walked away. I heard a commotion behind me as I heard them try to hold Nick back from picking a fight with a girl. ‘Let him’ I thought to myself walking away hoping they would let him go so I could kick his ass. He was defiantly twice more the weight then me but were he would be fighting out of rage he would be blinded while me, the wolf, had agility, strength, and smarts. I still had a smile on my face when I ran into Chelsea. Chelsea was a little kid compared to everyone in high school. Even me. She was in my grade but she was very tinny. She had a soft round, childish face, with short brown hair with her bangs in her light gray, blue eyes, a short figure of 5”3, and very small delicate features. Her personality matches her size to say. She is very shy and I often find myself taking care of the girl even though she is my own age, seventeen.
“Hey Chelsea” I said to her giving her a soft smile.
When she looked up at me she smiled and said “Oh, hi Alexandria. How is you day going today?”
For some reason when I saw her I wanted to protect her from any and all danger. She was like a little bird lost in the world. “Um, its going okay so far” I said with a shrug. “I got Nick, the football player, angry and I let the rest of his team hold him back. I could have taken him though” I said. Her eyes got real big as she heard what I said. I just smiled at her.
“You know he’s got anger management right?” she asked me looking at me like I was crazy.
“No, I didn’t know but I sort of figured” I said to her looking down at her. She just shook her head and smiled at me.
“Alright, well I have to go” she said to me as she started to walk of. I waved to her and began my trudge through school. First period I had science, second I had math, third I had English, forth I had history, then I had lunch. At lunch I eat outside under the warm sun and the shade of the forest near the school.
I was enjoying a tuna fish sandwich when a blue bird smaller than my hand flew down beside me no more than a half a block away. I was very shocked because the only animal I had ever seen was my dog and other pets. I had never seen a wild animal. I found this strange seeing as I was an animal to. A wild animal when I wanted to be.
“Hello little one, you should be careful. They will kill you if they found you” I told the bird giving it a little bit of my sandwich. I didn’t know who “they” were. No one really knew who the people who killed, or captured the animals were. “They” are just there. Silent and deadly.
The little bird peaked at what I gave it. It waited till it was done to whistle at me. I took that as a thank you and I called to the bird as it left “your welcome.”
After lunch I collected all my trash and got up to leave. Then a man in a suit came by me and asked me “Have you seen any animals lately?”
“Why a matter of fact yes. I saw my dog, and the neighbors dog this morning. Oh and my teachers pet fish” I said to him clicking of the animals on my hand. I knew he meant wild animals but I wasn’t going to tell him that I saw a blue bird.
“No I meant wild animals. Have you seen any wild animals lately?” he asked sounding like he was getting annoyed and in a hurry.
I played dumb and said in a slow tone, like I was trying to concentrate on my words, “oh. Wild animals. Um no. No wild animals here.” I then looked around and gestured my arms out to my sides to show there is no wild animals. He gave a frustrated sigh and with out saying anything left. I had a smile when I went to my fifth period class which was art. Art passed by fast with us just sketching. I drew a picture of the free blue bird and wondered how it had been able to stay free. After art I had choirs. Choirs is one of the few things I enjoy in life. Though, as usual, it ended way to fast for my liking. Then I went to gym and had boys stare at my ass the entire time. I met up with my super hot handsome boyfriend. All he had to do was give a small glance in the direction of the guys starring at my ass and they turned around. I leaned up on my tip toes and gave him a small kiss on his cheek.
“Hi Hun” I told him smiling towards him. I lowered myself back onto the floor. My boyfriend is Alexander Perkins. He has soft short brown hair, warm soft dark eyes, a nice warm summer tan, a strong muscular body with broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs, and a strong angular face.
“Hey. How was your day today?” He asked me swooping me into his arms so that my head was tilted back and my body was at an angle. I was laughing for a while before I answered his question.
“Um, so far so good. I got Nick the football player mad enough to were the entire football team had to hold him back so he didn’t hit me. I talked to Chelsea. She’s good. Oh and I saw a free blue bird” I said to him. I put extra importance on the “free” part of my last spoken sentence. His eyes bugged out of his sockets as I told him my story.
“What? Nick almost hit you?” He asked raising his voice some. I could tell he was becoming angry fast so I pulled him closer to me and I kissed full on the lips. The kiss was soft and slow. At first he wasn’t that interested in kissing but as time went on he got into it. And when I say into it I mean into it. He then held himself against me. I let my arms intertwine themselves into his hair. He pulled away after a couple minuets and he left me gasping for breath. It felt like every cell in my body yearned to be touched by him and so my body couldn’t get enough air because it was only interested in him and not air. He smiled at me as he pulled me up right.
“Breathless yet again?” he asked me again for the thousandth time. I blushed a little and gave him a smile. I nodded at his question and he laughed. Then he realize the last sentence I had said about the free bird and his eyes got wide and his jaw dropped. “You found a what?” he asked, staring at me.
“I found a free bird” I said smiling towards him.
“Really? Wow! Where?” he asked.
“Outside” I said.
“Duh, smart ass. I mean where did you see it outside?”
“Um, by that one old oak tree towards the edge of the school.” he stared at me with disbelief. “Don’t tell anyone okay?”
“Sure love” he said right before he gave me a quick peak on my lips. Then we had to part to go to our class but when our class was doing the mile we walked and talked the entire time with our hands intertwined. When gym ended I kissed him goodbye and we parted from each other.
After gym I left school with Becca. She was talking none stop about this guy she liked a lot. I listened for a couple seconds before I got bored with the conversation. I’ve heard it all before. I toned out and I rested my head against the car window. I watched the houses go by. I would get a glimpses of a forest. “Stop” I said to Becca as I sat upright.
“What?” she asked as she stopped the car immediately. I ended up banging into the dash board.
“Ow” I said as I rubbed my forehead where I banged into the dash board. I banged into the dash board on my right side right above my eyebrow. That’s going to leave a mark.
“Why did you tell me to stop” she asked me looking at me like I was crazy. Her voice starting towards hysteria. I final realized why I told her to stop and I opened the car door and got out. “Don’t expect me to wait for you” she yelled irritated out the car window as I walked around the end of the car. I waved to her as I walked towards the forest. I heard her honking as she drove past me already approaching the speed limit in a couple of seconds. I knew I pissed her of but she would forgive me. She always dose.
I could have sworn I saw something move through the forest. Something most defiantly not human had moved. I looked to were I had saw the animal and learned, to my dismay, that it wasn’t there. I began walking into the woods. The animal had appeared to be a deer. Wow I thought to myself. Seeing two wild animals in one day. I followed the deer’s prints, walking over them so other people wouldn’t find them, for over an hour. I walked until I saw the prints change. The prints went from a deer’s prints to being a persons shoe print. I paused and I knelt down near the prints. Yes those were defiantly human shoe prints. A thousand different things ran through my mind at that moment. Had other people been following the deer? Had the deer had an owner? Had the deer already been captured? Or is there that slight possibility that there might be some one like me?
I knelt down on my hands and knees and felt my body shift and change. What once had been Alexandria Maria Haven became a wolf with startling green eyes, light gray misty fur, white canines, and most of all her independence. She began to smell the different prints. She snorted back the scent because they were exactly the same. She decided to find answers to her questions from the animal who could give them. Or person who could give them.
I followed the prints for another hour. At the beginning I walked then I speed up my pace to were I was running. It felt amazing to just let go of all limits I had and just run. The sun was beginning to set and I knew I needed to turn around soon and head home, but I couldn’t until I found out what this thing was. Against my better judgment I just ran. I ran even when the sun was final set and the moon hung above my head.
I then froze in my spot as I came up to a lake. There near the lake was the deer I had been chasing. I had never seen a deer before. It was beautiful. It had a light brown coat with soft light black spots, light baby blue eyes, small antlers, a white tail, and long powerful legs. I just stared at it for a while. It stayed frozen as well. Then I changed into Alexandria Maria Haven with all my human beauty.
“Hello” I said to the deer. I took a step closer to it before I saw something I had never seen in my entire life. There was a brilliant light to bright to look at but to magnificent to look away from. From the young adolescent deer came a young man. He had cute dimples, a soft figure, not one of a mans but not one of a boys, a height of 5”3, scruffy brown hair, and he had the deer’s baby blue eyes.
“Hello Alexandria” he said to me giving me a smile full of white teeth.
“How do you know my name?” I asked taking a step back away from him.
“Oh, we know a lot about you” he said smiling at me and taking a step towards me.
“We?” I asked glancing around to find this we he was talking about. I began regretting following this guy.
“Yeah. We. Let me introduce you” he said as animals of all different shapes and sizes came up and surrounded me. I was both excited and scared. I had no idea what these people were thinking. Slowly one by one all the animals turned into teenagers. There were at least twenty teens of all different shapes and sizes. I then saw someone I knew.
“Chelsea. What’s going on? You’re an animal? Since when?” I asked her all these questions. She stood behind a tall male. I assumed he was Native American because of how he looked. She gave me a small sheepish smile as she walked out from behind the male.
“Hi Alexandria” she said to me walking towards me. She looked like I had caught her doing something inappropriate.
“Chelsea! What’s going on?” I asked her, my voice becoming more demanding. I didn’t like being mean to her but I wanted answers now. She stopped walking towards me and she actual took a step away from me. The guy that she had been standing behind actual took a step forward towards Chelsea. I let out an audible growl echo through the circle.
“Anyone come any closer to me and I’ll bit you head of! Now Chelsea please answer my question” I said the first sentence with hostility in my voice but when I talked to Chelsea I let my voice soften some. The Native American male glanced uneasily at the male who had once been the deer.
“Okay Ill explain” the male who had been the deer said. “I’m Kyle. I’m the leader of this… what ever you want to call our group. Everyone here is a changeling like you. All of us have been born a changeling because as of now there are no other ways to be one. No one knows about us… except a few certain people how want to hunt us down. We need everyone’s help if were going to fight of these people…”
“Wait. Wait. Wait. Okay so first question. What’s a changeling?” I asked interrupting him.
“A changeling is a human who can change into any one animal at any time they please” he said being total patient with my questions.
“Okay second question. Who are the people who want to hunt us down? And why?” I asked him looking in his eyes to see if he was lying or not.
“We don’t know exactly who the people are who want to get ride of us but we do know that. they think were either some kind of disease people who need to be killed before we affect them or that were to powerful and that we will take them over and kill all the humans.” he said with a sigh as he sat down on a near by log and he tilted his head down.
“So what is your plan” I asked him still weary of him but I also had sympathy for him.
“To show the world that’s not what were about. That were just like them” he said to me looking up into my eyes. My heart hopped and prayed he was right but my head said humanity wouldn’t buy it. It would probably get us all killed. Well better to die in the truth, then live in a lie.
“Kyle. I would be honored to join your group” I told him reaching my hand out towards him. He smiled up at me, stood up and shook my hand. Then all at once I was surrounded by the entire group. They wanted to know a whole bunch of stuff about me and I had questions for them. The age group was as young as 12 and as old as 21. I learned that the guy Chelsea had been hiding behind was her boyfriend and he was indeed Native American. His first name was Black Bear and his last name was to long and confusing for me to remember. In fact his name went well with his animal because he could turn into a black bear. I learned Chelsea could turn into a blue bird and that she had been the blue bird I saw at school today. I also found out that the dude who had asked me if I had seen any wild animals was a group member and that had just been a test. His name was Darren. I didn’t know what Darren’s animal was and I thought it was rude to ask.
“Hello Alex” I heard a voice say to me behind my back. I gave a growl because I recognized the voice.
“Nick” I said turning around. “What animal are you” I asked him tilting my head to the side.
“I’m a German shepherd” He said smiling towards me.
“I always knew you were a bitch” I told him smiling at him a dangerous smile. With that everyone who was around me backed up. Kyle spoke up to try and settle the fight I could see staring.
“Nick calm down” Kyle said with urgency in his voice.
“No Kyle let him. I want to see what he’s got. Don’t worry I wont hurt him… much.” I said to Kyle. I could see the alarm in his eyes but he stepped back. He actual thought I would lose.
“Bitch! You! Hurt me? Ha! Funny! I will kick you ass!” Nick said raising his voice. In one minute he was a German Shepherd and launching at me. It was a good thing that I was already in my wolf form when he jumped at me. I gave him a fake grin showing all my teeth. He snapped at me right as I backed up. I caught a glance at Chelsea and I could see the worry on her face as her boyfriend held her back. I gave a loud growl towards him as I made it look like I was going to bit his left leg so he would back up so that I could bit his neck. It worked some. I bit into his neck and held him for a bit before I heard Kyle’s voice in my head telling me to let go because there was blood. I let go and licked my lips there was blood. Not enough to kill him. Just wound him. I was shocked that Kyle could talk to me in my mind.
So I changed into my human form and asked him “how did you do that.” I didn’t even notice Nick behind me until he was on my back. I hit my head in the exact spot I had earlier today on Becca’s dash board in her car.
“Ass hole” I said as I tried to get up but he was still on my back. He leaned down and put some pressure on his teeth which were now around my neck. I then changed back into a wolf so that if he bit I was more likely to live then if I were human and he bit my neck. Then a big black paw swiped him off me. Black Bear had turned into a giant black bear and he now stood in between Nick and I.
“Nick! I told you both to stop and she listened when you didn’t! You’ve been a member of the group for over a year!” Kyle yelled at Nick. I was back in my human form when Darren came up beside me and ask if I was OK. I hadn’t even realized I was tilting.
“Yeah I’m okay” I said to him telling him my lie brushing him off. Normal I took care of myself and no one else gave a shit except my boyfriend… When he knew there was a problem.
Darren wouldn’t leave it alone though. He kept an eye on me and I was glad for it in some way it made me feel… I don’t know… safe I guess. He reached over and with a napkin wiped blood of my forehead.
“Thank you” I said to him. I then had to concentrate on not falling so I tuned out of Kyle and Nick’s conversation. Or more like Kyle yelling and Nick and Nick becoming madder but he stayed put.
I then began to notice I was tilting so I went over and stood against a tree. No one but Darren noticed because they were all loving Nick getting yelled at like a bad child. I leaned against the tree and took deep breaths to try and clear my head. I started to see stars and I guess I mustn’t have looked to hot on the outside because Darren asked again if I was okay and to tell me that I should sit down. I hated when people told me to do things so I remained standing. He gave an irritated sigh and I smiled and tried to stand up straight but ended up regretting it so I knelt back against the tree. After a couple of minutes he had to walk away and grab something. A couple of minutes after he left I tried to stand up straight again but it didn’t have the same consequence as the last one did. I ended up blacking out.

Chapter 2 Awakened
“Hey sleepy head time to wake up” a distance voice called to me. I think I remember the voice from some where. As I floated away from a fuzzy spot towards the voice it got louder. I followed it all the way back to my eyelids. I fluttered them open to reveal Darren staring at me. I began regretting leaving the soft fuzzy space.
“Hey your awake finally” he said smiling at me. He looked relived which was weird since I only met him yesterday. I say I met him yesterday because it was obviously morning.
“Where am I” I asked him because this wasn’t my room. This room was a dark blue with posters of anime characters on them. I sat and immediately fell back into the bed.
“Your at my house… now don’t flip out. I didn’t do anything to you in your sleep you’ve been under the watchful eye of my mother” he said as he gestured to the elderly women sitting in the chair sleeping. She had thin brown hair with a lot of gray in it, a delicate body withered with age, and she had a soft smile even in her sleep. She looked around her mid forties to late fifties.
“Okay… wait my mom doesn’t know where I’ve been” I said trying to sit up but he held me down.
“Now slow down my mom talked to your mom. She thinks your spending the couple nights at my house with my sister” he said quickly.
“Okay” I said settling down. Then I got what he said. “Couple of nights? How long was I asleep for?” I asked my tone getting towards hysteria.
“Well since Thursday, when you past out, it has been three days” he said looking at me nervously.
“Three days!” I said rising my voice. Then his mom woke up looking around startled. Then her eyes settled on me and she relaxed some.
“Oh, hello dear. You know you had us all worried. Even though I know your kind heals faster then my kind you still worried me” she said with a kind soft smile as she stood up. I could hear her bones crack as she stood and walked over towards me. She walked over to me and asked “How does your head feel?”
“Um if feels okay. I have a small headache but besides that I feel fine” I said to her truthfully for once.
“Would you like an aspirin” she asked me as she reached towards the brown bag she had sitting beside the bed.
“Okay” I said not sure what I really thought at the moment. “Wait my kind? So you know im different from you? How do you know? And what about healing faster then humans?” I asked her all these questions at once. Im sure I had one answer as to who told her I am a changeling. I glared at Darren when I asked her how she knew I was a changeling.
“well my son told me… I know you heal faster then humans because my son does and so does a lot of your other friends” she said pausing. She was in the process of opening the bottle of aspirin.
“Wait you know your son’s different. And what about the others. What’s going on here?” I asked her getting frustrated.
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