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 Wolf Profile Set-Up

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PostSubject: Wolf Profile Set-Up   Wolf Profile Set-Up Icon_minitimeWed Mar 04, 2009 10:32 am

Rules for Profiles

First, I would like to say please be real about your characters. Don't make them two dimensional. I want to read about your character and think that they're real with your amazing descriptions. Go into depth about them.
I don't want to see anything like: They have blonde hair, blue eyes, 5 foot 11, and likes to wear tennis shoes.
Also, as mentioned in the rules, only 3 characters maximum in each RP. So choose your characters carefully.
You can also post pictures of your character if you'd like. But that does not mean just post the pic and be done with the appearance.

Go into your depth of your character, tell me everything about them.
When you post the Set-Up, in the Subject put their Name and Rank in

*ex. Subject Swift (Pup)

Got it?
You can modify your character's profile all you want, but if you still aren't finished put a (WIP) in the subject witht the character's name.

WIP= Work In Progress

Happy Hunting!
If you have any questions please see Toby!!

(This is a basic skeleton. Plots may vary on the Profile layout but if this is your first, you may use this)
Here is the Set-Up:


Gender: (male? Female?)

Age: (If you're not sure the limit of wolf ages, contact the Alpha's)



Pack: (Yes/no)

Pack's Name: (Does this wolf pack have a name?)

Rank: (alpha? hunter? Elder? etc)

Personality: (What are their likes? Dislikes? Humor? At least a paragraph which is sentences, but can be longer)

Appearance: (You can have a pic posted for your character but also a paragraph of their appearance would be nice too)

History: (You get the jist, right? Needs to be longer than a paragraph)

Roleplay Title: (Put the title of the RP your character is featured in)


  • Alpha-The leader of the pack. They are bigger, stronger, and smarter throughout the pack. There are usually an Alpha Male and Alpha Female. They are also the only two that have cubs in the pack.
  • Beta- The second in command of the Alpha's. If Alpha's aren't around the Beta has the say of what's what.
  • Subordinates- Includespup's, omega, and adult members. There can be different ranks for anysubordinates. Caretaker, pup-sitter, hunter, etc. Subordinates submit tothe higher ranking wolves such as the alpha and/or beta. Usually bysubmissive behavior.
  • Omegas- Isthe lowist rank of any wolf pack. They are constantly being picked on,yet they are a very important part of a wolf pack. The omega relivestention within the pack, and is the last to eat. And sometimes, theomega gets picked on so much, they become lone wolves.

+Escape From it All+

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Wolf Profile Set-Up
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