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 Giving You A Warm Hello!

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Head Alpha
Head Alpha

Number of posts : 1300
Registration date : 2008-09-26
Age : 27
Location : Behind you

PostSubject: Giving You A Warm Hello!   Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:40 pm

hello everyone!!

If you all don't know I iz Toby, the head admin of this site!
Since everyone is making introductions about themselves, I thought it would be nice to meet the staff themselves!
Its always satisfying to meet people who have the same interests as you do and well--this is just for your benefit to know what Once Bitten is as a whole.

My real name is Alli and I live in the USA.
I have a love for animals (except for spiders) and currently work in a veterinary clinic.
I love drawing mainly wolves and in process of making a comic called *Moonlit Dawn*
You can see all my art on DeviantArt. My username on there is Inutsukisister.
Yeah I know random name but i made it when I was 14 so..yeah..lol

I've done post by post roleplaying since I was 11 doing it on paper with a few friends then evolving to computer through IM. Then I actually joined numerous Role-Playing forums when I was 15-18. I am only a member on one Roleplaying site and the admin of this one.

I also love camping, horseback riding, living in the country, and just being me.
My husband is a member on this site, his name is Valkeryie. I love him so much!
We were high school sweethearts and that's about all I'm gonna give away.

But yerp. That's me in a nutshell.
Its very nice meeting you guys!
I hope you enjoy yourselves on here!!

Love love,

+Escape From it All+

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Number of posts : 1399
Registration date : 2010-02-11
Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: Giving You A Warm Hello!   Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:31 pm

Hiiiii Everyonnneeee,

As you can see and if you don't already know I am Takari, Toby's Beta and happy follower. I will only say that my name is Taylor and I also live in the grand USA. I joined the loving Once bitten family around almost, a year ago and have loved staying on this sight. Everyone is like family here and we treat eachother as such. I love almost all animals (except wasps and bees, I'm petrified) and love mythical beings. I love the paranormal and am a total dragon maniac. I love reading writing and drawing but I also love sports as well. I'm stil currently in high school and play two sports, soccer (football for the traditional people lol) and softball (trust me they aint soft *rubs bump on head*) I am a total Gators fan(GO GATORS WOOOOT) and am a big tomboy with a loving side as long as you stay on my good side. I am currently with one other rp site called Squiby.net but am loyal to this sight.

Sooooo yup that's part of me anyway.
Very nice to meet everyone.
Happy Hunting,

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View user profile http://hotmail.com

PostSubject: Re: Giving You A Warm Hello!   Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:36 am

Whats up everyone!!!!!!

Well sence i see that we are all doing this i thought i might as well do it now. Hello if you dident already know i am Shadow1993, the omega of bitten, but i rather be called just Shadow. I picked it because it was the name of my first dog. (he was a lab). I will say my real name is brandon, and i also live in the USA, in the sunny state of Florida. I became apart of the Bitten family due to my girlfriend Wahya being on the site, and she want me to be her lover on another rp we have here.

At first i dident like the idea of rping. I was actualy one of the people who would make fun of it really. But once Wahya got apart of the rping world, she pulled me alone for the ride. And now i injoy it alot.

I love all animals big or small, and they all seem to like me. I love dogs alot i just dont like thouse little one that you see in bags and crap. they look like rats not dogs, and if you want a dog get a real one, like a lab golden retrever, great dain. you know A DOG. I like to read, but hate to write,typing aint so bad. I love to paint, it is something that i do when i find some free time. I play all sport for fun not for a team. And i dont watch watch spots though, i know im a guy and i dont watch sports. But i think it is boring to watch them when you can just play them.

Also i love to hve fun and lots of it. I play poker and stuff with my friends alot witch i love to do. I love to swim, its one of my favorit things to do. (du i live in Florida). If you ever do come and visit Florida, go to the springs they are beautiful. I also love to hike being conected to nature is one of my hobbies. Im a funny guy i try to make everyone laugh and i do a good job at it. i have made people cry they laughed so hard, and comidy is something i hope to get into. But my real passion and choice carrier is architecture. The reason for that is because i want to make homes that work with nature not against it like you see today. and i want to make it afordible for regular people like you and me not just for the rich people.

Well i guess thats me and what i think i guess
Again im glad to be apart of this family of RPers
Have fun, from your omega
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Role-Play Master
Role-Play Master

Number of posts : 566
Registration date : 2010-02-09
Age : 25
Location : Sitting by the waters edge, writing off anyone who decides to backstab me.

PostSubject: Re: Giving You A Warm Hello!   Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:11 am

Hey, I'm Wahya.
Well not much to say about me except like Shadow and Takari, I live in the U.S. I am currently in the National Guard; I introduced them both to this site and I am still trying to find new recruits. I hope you all like this site as much as I do. I am part Native American and Irish and, of course, American with a little Cajun. I'm a mutt. Wahya means wolf in Cherokee, which is what I am, and wolf is my favorite animal.... Though Takari and Shadow seem to think my spirit animal is a bunny, others say cat....
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The Alpha's Best
The Alpha's Best

Number of posts : 2064
Registration date : 2010-05-27
Age : 24
Location : Waiting for paradies to come save us but for now im on this site and everything else feels like a dream.

PostSubject: Re: Giving You A Warm Hello!   Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:11 pm

oz tay hi everyone,

IM Im_a_wolf_lover but yall cdan just call me wolf. I use to live in florida but do to the job problam we have moved some where in the north. I got on this site because of wayha. I've been on the site for almost a year. This is my first role play site but my fav and I like to write starts of books but never can finish. lol. I love you wayha. My name is Alicia weird i know but watever pickers cant be choisers. I luv wolfs my fav. Um I like all aniomals and bugs except coachoroches. Oh also if you haven't noticed I stinck at speeling lol. Im engaged to my boy friend who I've known and dated throught out my highschool life. lol. I luv him to bits and im tring to get him to join this site. I know wayha and shadow there good friends of mine and I luv taka and toby to though lol.
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Once Bitten Committed
Once Bitten Committed

Number of posts : 724
Registration date : 2010-10-27
Age : 26

PostSubject: Re: Giving You A Warm Hello!   Sat Jan 15, 2011 6:34 pm

Kia ora

Names Rouge the french meaning for read, also a make up product which I found out later on . Names Christopher and I guess I bring a bit more of a nationality into this sight being I am from the good country of New Zealand (Kiwi land) I found this site through a look for a good place to roleplay that wasn't over croweded being that I came from one that has just turned into a major flaming and full of people that whine to much which had just turned into a place of stress not that I posted but I don't wish to be part of that type of community.

I like to be phsyical when I can which is not often having played rugby for two years as a roaming prop. Love alternative rock, Wolves, Family, friends and those that deserve it. This scene of family here is awesome and its has all great people and a community I am proud to be part of.
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Suck At Life. Emo.
Suck At Life. Emo.

Number of posts : 3
Registration date : 2012-05-26
Age : 30
Location : USA

PostSubject: State Approved High School Diploma   Sat May 26, 2012 3:31 am

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PostSubject: Re: Giving You A Warm Hello!   

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Giving You A Warm Hello!
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