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 Life with in Music

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The Alpha's Best

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PostSubject: Life with in Music   Life with in Music Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 12:41 pm

"Lea. Lea" I said running to my sisters room. "Lea are you ther......" I said as I entered my sister Lea's room. I stopped. I kept shaking my head. What was happining couldn't happen here. I screamed and ran to her. Lea was sitting in a pool of blood. Her blood. "Lea" I said as I got to her. I didn't want to step into the blood but she opened her eyes. "Kayla dont forget I love you. But I must go. Goodbye" she said and she shut her eyes. I began to cry I fell on my knees and my parents final came up to see what the racket was. I heard a intake of breath and looked behind to see my mother and my father. My father acted fast. He pushed me out of the way and my mother ran down stairs to call the hospital. My legs, arms, hands, and some fo my face was covered in blood. What happened next was a blur. I dont know whether I was tired, sad, in shock or what. The ambulace came and took Lea away with my mother. My father drove us right behind the ambulance. I was still covered in blood when we got there. I walked in there following my father who was running. A nurse came by and took me away from my parents and sister. As I watched them leave I saw my sisters bleading wrist pop out of the side of the cart she was being pushed away on. As soon as They left my sight I turned back around. The nurse grabbed a wash cloth and she cleaned of my body. She then tried to get me to play a game but I didn't. She soon gave up and left to go stand at the desk. She came in ever 5 minuates or so, or atleast thats what it seemed like to me. It must have been 15 to 30 minuates. I stared at the same spot on the wall closes to me. I kept seeing my sister with the blood coming from her wrist and the knife in her hands. Some where I must have fallen asleep but I dont remeber doing it. I awoke in the middle of the night and I ran into my sisters room to see if it was just a night mare. Nope. There was the blood stan and my sister was no were to be seen. I crawled into her bed and shut my eyes. Maybe she will come back and when she crawls in her bed I shall know shes here I thought to myself. I closed my eyes and put the covers over my head. I took in the smell my sister always had. She had a stain in her sheets where she spilled the perfume she wore, and when she would some times put on to much lotion befor going to bed. I closed my eyes and took in the scents of my sister. I thought of her long brown curly hair and how it resembled my own. How hers went down her her shoulders and how it would bounce around when the wind blew against it. How tan her skin was and how pale I looked compared to her. How her green eyes would glow when the sun hit them. How funny that she liked my blue eyes better than her own. I feel asleep then dreaming of her and all the fun times we had.
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Life with in Music
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