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 Adam (Male Tester) and Zion (Male Subject)

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Head Alpha

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PostSubject: Adam (Male Tester) and Zion (Male Subject)   Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:32 pm

((I want the human profiles to be shorter and kinda easy since the Subjects are the main characters and their profiles will need to be the long ones))

Adam Lars

Nickname: None

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Status: Tester

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Picture: Click Here

Physical Description- Adam is your average boy. He wears thick glasses, is thin and lanky and has black hair. He is young but is starting to go through his growth spurt. He was a mere 5'0" in the beginning of the summer but now has reached to almost 5'6" and is still growing. His black hair is straight and neat when trimmed but it starting to grow out with the rest of him and falls to his shoulders in natural curls. He typically wears black shirts and regular jeans to hide how skinny and lanky he is but he is starting to fill out, forming muscles and becoming quite the young man but stills feels insecure.

Personality- Adam is a shy boy. He doesn't talk very much unless when directed. He is very intelligent, one of the highest scores in his class but isn't too quick when it comes to computers. He mainly school smart but streets and technology--not so much. He's good at math and solving problems and has an interest in numbers--hence his shirt in the picture. Though he does love games he's mainly played them on gaming systems and this is his first on the computer. Adam is a sweet boy but since he is growing into a man, his testosterone levels are increasin as well and has his dominace/ready for a fight moments.

History- Adam was brought up in a normal, average family. There has been no abuse and they are not poor. Just enough money to live comfortably. He loves school and when he was first brought into high school became interested in the math club but also took a fancy to football, that's why he is filling out. When he was younger he wasn't into after-school programs but his inerests are growing still. He has had plenty of crushes throughout his school career but find himself too shy and insecure about his outward appearance he never made an effort to try. When he heard about this new game from his father--because his father is one of the scientists that created it--he asked his father if he could be part of it. After school was dismissed he went straight to the building where his father worked and where Adam will be staying for the summer. He has grown fond of his Male Subject, who he had named Zion but since they're both males they do get into their tiffs.



Nickname- Zio

Serial Number-1

Age- Appears 19 but has only been "alive" for short while.

Gender- Male

Added Animal DNA- Reptile

Sexual Orientation- Straight

Male Subject

Click here

Physical Description- Zion is tall for his appearance, standing at an easy 6'2". Sine he has part reptile, his underskin is red with black stripes places around his body like that of a Tiger. He has two pointed ears that hold a few accessories of earrings and ear cuffs, he was created that way, don't be hatin. He has normal human hands with five fingers, one of his many distinctions is that he has regular knees that bend forward instead of curling upward but has clawed feet like that of a Raptor. They're large and make his legs seem elongated. They are meant for pressing down on his enemy and killing them simply by digging in his claws or pressing down his weight to cut off their air supply. From the underside of his neck, to his stomach, to the tip of the underside of his tail is pure white in reflective scales. He has a long tail that is musculine and quick, strong enough to knock someone down like an alligators and cunning enough to maneuver and grab what he needs like another set of hands. He has long white hair the he wears in a pony tail, golden-yellow eyes that flash yellow in the dark night, and fangs for teeth. And if you're wondering, yes he is covered in scales. His serial number is in Roman Numeral I on the back of his neck.

Personality- Zion claimed himself to be the leader since his number is 1. He loves to joke around, pull pranks and walks with an air of conceitedness since he thinks he's so unique looking. He gratifies that his creator made him look original and takes it to the highest advantage. He often leaps around, smashing things with his tail, and crawling on walls with his claws digging through the interior to hold him up. He hardly takes things seriously except is very curious even though he portrays that he knows everything. He claims that he has a charm that'll woo the ladies and loves flirting. He is basically the complete opposite of his Tester. He tries to display that its his Tester's fault for being so frightened of the kind of strength his has within but at times will actually speak to Adam like he cares--because deep down, Zion really does. If it wasnt for Adam, Zion wouldn't have a life--and he does love his nickname Adam gave him. Zion is rather intelligent as well, he learned math from Adam and how to solve solutions from him as well. But its Zion's own trait that he taught himself how to track, be observant, and as long as Adam is there to hold him back, he typically thinks things through because Adam urged him to.

Other Information- Zion is still able to get a virus, but hardly does since his glitch is that he has a little bit of a better immune system that the scientists overlooked. He is the only one that hardly gets a virus--but he is still able to get them unless they're a strong one.

+Escape From it All+

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Adam (Male Tester) and Zion (Male Subject)
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