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 A kingdom doomed page 1

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PostSubject: A kingdom doomed page 1   A kingdom doomed page 1 Icon_minitimeSat Feb 26, 2011 6:48 pm

Kristina, and Alex

I woke up to see a boy's face staring at me. My heart quickened before I relized who it was. "Alex You almost scared me to death" I said to the boy placing my hand on my heart as he smiled. Alex has deep brown eyes, indian tan skin, and browninsh blond hair. I stratched and asked "How long have we been sleeping" I said looking around my nesting place in the tree. It was a little past sun rise. I stood up on the branth of the tree him standing up beside me.
"Umm I would say around 11 maybe" I said as I looked down on Kristina. She had an odd color for her eye color. Her eyes are the color of an autom fall. Orangeish colors mixed with some purple then browinsh green. Her hair in a fire red color. Her skin was lighter than my own but it still had the indian color to it. I placed my hand to her cheek and smiled and said "You look gorguse and ready my witch." I called her my own nickname.

The nickname brought back meberies. both good and bad. When my tribe fourced me out because they thought I was a witch, and the good nickname was because if they hadn't I would have never found my soul mate. "I smiled and tiped up on my toes seeing as he is atleast 3 inches taller than me and kissed him. He wrapped his hands around my neck and I did the same and we shared a pasinonate kiss. "My vampire night" I wispeared inbetween a kiss against his lips.

"Are you ready" I said pulling slowly away after a couple of minuates of pasinate kisses. "If you stay by my side" She said taking one of my hands. I kissed her and said "Always" and I wrapped the other hand that was free onto her blugging stomick full of a child that is mine. I smiled at that thought and grabbed onto her tightly but not to tightly not to crush her and jumped down from the tree slowly landing before I set her on the ground. We walked hand in hand into a town we created. A town where no one would ever be jugde because of what they were. We walked into our castle that is on the grounds. "Your magesty where were you" a towned person asked. "My wife said its good for the baby to sleep under an open sky under the full moon" I said smiling down at my wife. She smiled back the the town person nodded and walked away.

We walked around checking on everyone in town. Thats when the pains started. First they were small and easy to ignore then they got harder and I made a noise and grabbed my stomack. Alex grabbed me up in his arms and said "Is it time." His eyes showing egar for our child as was I. "Its time my love" I said smiling then clutching my stomak again as another wave came. He went around the town on the way to our towns hospital. He rushed at vampire speed and got there after a second. He looked at the nurise and nodded. She shouted "its time." I was met with many staff bringing me into a white room with a baby boy or girl on a poster. This was the birthing room. My husband was right there letting me squezz his hand. I was told on the next contraction to push. My husband wiped the sweat of my head and I pushed at the doctors order. She said I was doing fine and to push one more hard time. I pushed and then I heard a cry. I sighed and loseded my grip on my husbands hand. I smiled at him and nodded for him to go look at our child. He lifted my hand to his lips and kissed it before walking over to see our baby who was now crying. They let him hold our child and his back was towards me so I couldn't see our child. He turned and smiled at me and walked over. "Say hello to our new daughter" He said handing her to me. I took her in my hands gently as if she would brake in my hands. "OW shes gorguse" I said looking at her. From what little hair you could see on her head it was red, and her skin was as dark as her fathers. But she had my danty body. Then she opened her eyes to reveal a brown i had only once seen in my husbands eyes. "What shall we call her" He asked gazing at her as I was. I saw so mutch in her. "Faith" I said glancing up at him for his aproval.

"Of course it is its perfect" I said leaning down and kissing her. "Fait you have a lovely mother" I said looking at my daughter than to my wife. Kristina closed her eyes and began to sleep. She must be tired. I thought gently taking the baby out of her hands. I handed her to the doctors so they could look her over. My wifes hand then reached out I grabbed it gently and squezzed. After they checked both my daughter and wife I picked up my wife in my arms and carried her to our room with our baby. I laied my wife down and held my my daughter rocking her.

I woke up to see my husband rocking faith.I smiled and held my hands out for my baby girl.Then she began to cry. My hands were opened and he slidd her in them. I smiled and said "Probably hungry" and I let my daughter suck the milk form my boob. He was such a good father. Then I heard some noise outside and alex was at the window looking down. He then ran out the door. I got up slowly and ran after him baby still atached to my boob. She let go and I pulled my shirt up as I ran outside. There was alittle boy who had a axe pointed at his neck. I saw them lift the axe and saw the boy crying I yelled "Stop" because my motherly instics made me. The person holding the axe stopped in mid air. I ran over to the boy and picked him up. He was only about one year old."How dare you" I said as my husband came up behind me. He tryed to take the boy away from me but i held on to him not letting any one touch him. "What did he do to you" I asked the guy. "You highness this boy is told to be the boy to kill faith" He said setting the axe down. I froze and my husband finaly got the boy out of my hands but he was clinging to me for life. I then said "I will raise this boy to be my own and he will then do no such thing" I said taking the boy back and walking back into the castle and sitting down on my bed. I gave my baby to my husband to hold and I held the little boy up and asked "Whats your name." He just cried. "Well then since you dont have a name your name will be Chris" I said hugging the boy rocking him back and fourth.

I walked to the window seeing the ditermination in my wifes eyes nowing she wont give him up so I said "People everyone of you must do your best to treat Chris like he is my actual birth son. You must all try to forget this day and anyone who cant I will be sure to erase your memories even thought I would dislike it I will do that if it comes to it." They all nodded there understand and I walked over to chris and noticed he was sleeping in my wifes arms. He held onto her shirt and wouldn't let go. I then noticed how pale he was. I told my wife "Hes a vampire." She nodded and sang a lulliby to him.

I saw my husband set our baby down in the crib and walk over and sit down on the bed beside me. I looked out the window and saw the sun setting so I laid Chris beside me and sank down under the cover and he sank down on the other side. I woke up in the middle of the night to find chris gone. I woke my husband up and we looked for him. We found him in Faiths crib. He was gently hugging her keeping his head away from her. I yawned and said "Ill stay up and watch him to make sure... nothing happens." He said "No I will" and he picked me up and laid me in the bed kissed me on my lips and sat over in the chair watching the kids. I was gonna get up but my legs were to heavy and I feel asleep against my will.

I watched Chris and faith. They looked cute together. We would have to teach him alot. First being is to get use to me and the town. He found a liking to my wife but then again who wouldn't I thought to myself smiling.
It was morrining when I heard the cry. It was faiths cry. I woke up almost instiantly and asked "Whats wrong." HE smiled and said "Shes hungry" I laughed and sighed and held out my hand for my baby. He set her into them and she began looking for the milk. I laughed again and moved my night gown to the side. I laughed as she began to drink heavily. "She must be thristy" I said to my husband as we laughed. Then chris woke up and began to search for faith. He then saw her in my arms and sighed. He crawled out of the crib and went to sit by me. I wrapped the arm that didnt hold faith in and hugged chris with it. "So what do you want to do today" I asked him. He skipped my question and asked "Whats her name." "Shes faith your new sister" I said to him showing him his baby sister. He gently touched her hand. i looked up at my husband and smiled. After I burped her I asked "Do yuo want to hold her." He looked up at me and smiled and nodded. "Ok lean back and hold your hands like this to suport her head" I said fixing his hands. "OK" I said gently puting faith in his hands. "Careful shes just a baby" I said holding my hands under his. HE looked up at me and said "Faith" I smiled and nodded. "OK so what do you want to do" I asked him. "Well if its ok i need to go do stuff in town so maybe you can show them around" My husband said to me. I nodded and said "Hows that if we show you around yours, faiths, mine, and your dads kindom is that ok" I asked chris. He nodded. "OK then first well needc clothes for you both so thats what will go get first" I said getting up and changing into a light blue dress.My husband walked us to the gate and tryed to get me to walk with a guard but I trust my people and insited that i walk with the kids alone. After tring many times he gave up and kissed me on the lips faith on the head and gave a high five to chris. I rolled my eyes and began to walk in the little shopping area. I saw a blue shirt that looked like it would fit chris so i gave it to him and said try this on ok" and I let him go into the changing area. He came back out smiling. I nodded and told the lady that we would get it and gave her 3 coins. I then saw a pale pink dress and i put it on Faith and bought it for 4 coins because its harder to find stuff to fit babys. "Ok then... wat shall we do" I asked chris then a town person came up to me and started to talk. when we were done talking i couldn't feal chris's hand anymore."Chris chris" I said yelling his name searching around. I couldn't find him. I ran to alex still holding faith and told him "Chris... is... gone."

My wife came to me crying saying she cant find chris and that hes gone. "Well search for him my witch" I said using her nickname to help calm her down. I called some of my people and asked them to look for chris. the search went on for a couple of weeks but we couldn't find him and we needed the men to do there jobs so i called of the search.

10 YEARS LATER: Faith:

"Mom" I said runnning up to my mother with my vampire speed. "Look what I found" I said levetating a purple rock I found. "Its so cute... moms gonna go inside ok I'll be back" She said smiling down at me then walking away. "Ok" I said running back to my area by the bushes. "Pssst" I heard a voice call from behind the bushes. "Huh" I asked walking over to the bushes and pulling back the bush to reveal a passege way and a boy with black hair and ble eyes poked up out of it. "Hi My name is Jake" The boy said. I smiled and said "Angel" I said telling him my nick name."Angel" he said. I purred a little loving the way my nickname rolled of his lips. I smiled and nodded. "You want to play Angel" He asked me. I nodded. We plaied for the next 5 years and I never had any time to tell my parents of the mysterious boy. "Jake" I said running after him as he used his vampire speed to race me but I used my half vampire speed to race up to him. He hide in the trees until I was under than her jumped on me and we rolled in the ground.
"Hey theres some place I want to show you" He said getting up of me and helping me to my feet. We crawled into a tunnel and i fell down it into a tunnel. Then maybe white figures stopped and looked at me. They had a savage look on there face they started to fight saying "She's mine." "No mine I called her first." In a second there were all around me. I looked into there savage eyes. I screamed and tried to run. I saw jake and I called his name and ran towards him. I was stopped by a male vampire and Jake was pushed away. "Dont kill her" I heard some womens voice say but I couldn't see. Then many vampires pulled me up to there mouths and they bit into my skin and started to drain me. I screamed. My limbs felt more weak. I final closed my eyes and the pain stopped.

I awoke to a hand touching my own. I jumped back and backed up into a wall. "Stay back" I said hearing my own voice shake. "Its ok" Said Jake trying to approch me. "Stay back" I told him again. He stopped. I began to cry as I looked at my body. I had many bit marks all over my body. He aproched me again. I didn't care I was to scared to do anything. "Why" I asked him. I looked into his eyes and asked again "Why." He shook his head and left the room shutting the door. I looked around. I was in a cave on a very plush rug and It had a door to it.After I cried myself out I walked to the door and peeked out. There was a vampire on both ends of the door. I heard what one was saying. The man on the right said "If she comes out I shall drain her of her blood it tasted so good." The female on the left side of the door laughed and punched his arm and said "I would help except I wouldn't want to get ripped apart." I cowarded against the back as I walked gently back. They continuded there conersation as I tried to block them out. I heard some comotion outside and I heard from the female "But sire." "No let me through and shut the door" Some one else said. Then the door was opened to reveal Jake. They shut the door and he stepped inside with a tray of food on it.

"I brought you food you need to eat" He said to me setting the tray on the bed. "Why so you can just drink from me again" I said to him yelling. He looked like I had slapped him. The guards peered throught the small hole and asked if everything was ok. "Yeah" he said to them and sat on the end of the bed. "I would never do a thing like hat ever and the only reason you got bit was because they needed to be able to know where you are" He told me with kind eyes. "Why do they need to know that" I asked him confused by his kindness. "Because theres a threat to you and my people need to know your scent to help you" He said scooting close to me. "People are gonna try to take you kingdom so be aleart... now eat you wound are healed and if you dont tell anyone about us you will be able to go free." he said pushing the try towards me. "Now remeber tell no one" He said as I started to eat an apple. it hit my stomack and i eat it all and the bread and the meat on the tray. He laughed at my eating. "May I go know" I asked him. "YEs" He said and he picked me up and in a minuate we were in the old bush. "Ok now go and dont come back unless a emergancy" He said and kissed my cheek and left. I stumbled out of the bush and left. I stopped as soon as I got out because I missed him. But I shook my head and I ran down the hill to my parents. They had sent people searching but couldn't find me. I ran to my mother and hugged her tear soaked body. My dad joined in the hug. Later they asked me what happened and I lied and told them I just feel then woke up later. I was in my room later that day and I wondered Why. Why did I lie for him. Why....
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A kingdom doomed page 1
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