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 WolfBound Act III

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PostSubject: WolfBound Act III   WolfBound Act III Icon_minitimeWed Oct 06, 2010 8:00 pm

Together, they stared at each other.
It seemed that the worries and the sounds around them faded away.
Therewere no crickets singing of their sorrow, no trees creaking at themoon. The large wolf felt he was out of his fur he had been stuck infor three years. He was a man in her lovely green eyes, light in themoonlight.
The wolf, oddly called Vincent, stalked closer to her putting his front legs in the water.
It filmed coldness at his fur, but he didn't care.
Thewoman gave him a smile, careful though she showed no fear. He couldn'teven smell the bittersweet aroma it liked to waft off anyone whopossessed the emotion. She was calm around him.
There had to be something strong between them.
She had to understand him.
A thought struck the wolf, what if she was the one he was meant to die for?
Would he really die for this woman?
Shewas just another girl, there were plenty in the world. He could findanother. He wouldn't die for her, his life was too valuable for him.
The wolf snorted as he watched the woman slink out of the water, coming to his side.
Vincent raised a brow, keeping his eyes on her.
She lowered to his level, her breath slightly heavy, her heart thundering in her chest rapidly.
The wolf's muzzle crinkled as he witnessed her extend the back of her hand to him.
Easily--soeasily--he could snatch her into his powerful jaws and end her life.She was only a human, weak and so close to death.
However, the ideahe poked fun at vanished from all traces of his head. Her scent floodedhis nostrils, a pleasant cherry-honey smell. The wolf closed his eyesand savored her smell a little longer.
Then he felt a pressure onthe side of his face, threading to his thick neck.When he opened hiseyes he realized that she was smoothing out his fur with her hand, itfelt perfect.
"Well, aren't you just a friendly canine? Tell me,didyou enjoy my song?" the woman asked him with a very light Irish accent.He almost didn't detect it, but the sound softened in his ears. Many atime he had heard humans harsh voices, it hurt to listen to them, buthers was infinite.
The wolf leaned into her palm, that was the answer she was looking for.
"Would you like to hear the second part? Hmm?" she offered.
Vincent shot open his eyes at her, almost pleading.
"Very well," she laughed.

The hours sad I left a maid
A lingering farewell taking
Whose sighs and tears my steps delayed
I thought her heart was breaking
In hurried words her name I blest
I breathed the vows that bind me
And to my heart in anguish pressed
The girl I left behind me

Then to the east we bore away
To win a name in story
And there where dawns the sun of day
There dawned our sun of glory
The place in my sight
When in the host assigned me
I shared the glory of that fight
Sweet girl I left behind me

Though many a name our banner bore
Of former deeds of daring
But they were of the day of yore
In which we had no sharing
But now our laurels freshly won
With the old one shall entwine me
Singing worthy of our size each son
Sweet girl I left behind me

The hope of final victory
Within my bosom burning
Is mingling with sweet thoughts of thee
And of my fond returning
But should I n'eer return again
Still with thy love i'll bind me
Dishonors breath shall never stain
The name I leave behind me

Duringher song, during her enthralling voice filtered through the air andspun around him, Vincent went to her side, reclined on his haunches andrested his head on her shoulder. Soon he closed his eyes, just themonce more.

From the side, remaining to hide in the foliage,stood the siblings. They were perplexed as they gazed at each other.Did Vincent know the woman? How was he so unafraid of the She-Man?
Mistshook his head and called to his sister for her to follow. He washungry and if their brave "alpha" was safe with the human, he would befine for the rest of the night.
Ember stood where she was for a few moments longer.
Herears lowered to her head as she hid in the moon's rays, her white furas white as the moon tonight. Her humor was dim, saddened at thethought there was no chance for her. Her emotions burned for Vincent,riding over her common sense to run over and attack the woman for whatwas hers.
Somehow, she found comfort in Mist's presence, he kept herin check. She hung her head as she followed her dear brother, searchingfor food, regretting to leave Vincent with the strange human.

Thewoman and the wolf, trekked through the forest, being led by the glowof the moon. She relied on the wolf, his blue eyes brilliant in thenight. She knew where to go with him around.
Throughout thewonderful evening, they bounded in the blossoming meadows, surprisingfeeding deer that leapt away from their presence.
The woman laughedoften, it was music to Vincent's ears as he ran beside her. He couldeasily race her and win, but he had no desire to leave her side,wanting to be apart of her every memory.
When they came to a series of bushes with blackberries, the woman asked if they could stop for she needed something to snack on.
Thewolf stopped his gallops, panting with his pink tongue lolling out hisside. She giggled,calling him cute. Vincent rolled his eyes as shepicked a few berries and nibbled on them.She didn't offer any to thewolf, she knew wolves didn't like fruit and Vincent didn't want any. Hehad grown a wolf's taste in the years within the fur and grimaced atthe fruit.
They soon found a passed creek, the grass long and thinnearby. The woman found a place and lied on her back. The wolf pressedhis luck and cuddled to her side, lying his head in her lap. Shesmoothed his head, fingering through his fur.
Vincent loved the feeling of her gentle fingers on his head and relaxed his ears.
The woman gasped sharply, the wolf jumped alert.
"I'mso rude," she told him, "I never introduced myself. My name is Fae. AndI am just an average girl of the village you've most likely seen inyour passing."
The wolf whined, he wanted so badly to speak. He couldn't though. For he was an animal and she was a gorgeous human.
He had so much to share with her yet his throat failed him and all that came out was another low whine.
Fae sat up, gazing down at the wolf.
"Don'tworry, " she composed him, "Names don't mean that much. Its okay if Idon't know yours, I'll just call you Wolf til the earth decides to tellme."
His heart fluttered within the confines of his chest. Shebelieved in the earth, respecting it,something Vincent remembering hisfather wanted desperately with his child. He had failed his father buthe wouldn't fail Fae.
From a distance, a thunder of bells rang through the land, signifying it was past midnight.
Fae's eyes widened as she looked at the wolf.
"Pleaseexcuse me, dear Wolf, but it seems I must take my leave. My uncle willcheck on me and if I'm not there there will be a thrashing." With thatshe stood and went to dismiss herself.
Vincent whimpered after her, what if she got harmed on the way back?
"Don'tworry, my friend. I've known these woods since I was born. They won'tmislead me, I will make it home safely. And to prove it to you I willbe at the lake tomorrow night. Meet me then?"
Vincent did a mental nod, and he gave her a wink to show that he understood.
Her face twisted in bewilderment.
"Funny.You seem to understand every word I say. You are a smart wolf." Shesmiled once more and disappeared into the trees embrace.
Vincent was satisfied, he got a smile from his Fae.


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WolfBound Act III
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